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Monday, November 30, 2009

Something Pink, Something Borrowed

I have a small confession. I originally picked up this shirt from Goodwill and intended to give it as a Christmas gift to a friend. It was brand new with tags and since it was a short sleeved shirt, it was only $3! It's been hanging in my closet tempting me with it's pretty ruffles, and I decided it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. Hopefully that isn't too selfish. Instead I got my friend a cute sweater and scarf, which is probably better since she isn't too into really girly things.

Here's what I'm dressed in:
Pink Charlotte Russe blouse, thrifted ($3) black skirt, thrifted ($3) grey cardigan, NYandCo (gift) pink heels, Payless ($15) locket necklace, Grandmother's (gift)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Funday

It's a dorky title, but Sundays are rarely entertaining. I spent the afternoon at a gallery show for a family friend. It was absolutely wonderful! The woman has been a graphic designer for many years, but a few years ago developed some eye sight problems. Now her vision has diminished to just peripheral vision. This inspired her to begin creating amazing collages and had her first opening a couple of weeks ago, complete with 2 newspaper ads. She aptly named her exhibit, "Peripheral Vision".

To view the newspaper you can click here

I decided to wear something a little bit simple since I knew that I'd be a lot of walking today and Sundays usually lend themselves to more comfortable clothing. But to be honest, these jeans were anything but comfortable. They are a pretty thick denim fabric.

Here's what I threw together:
blouse, NYandCo ($7) sweater, Forever21 ($7) jeans, NYandCo ($5)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Forever Remixed

I've come to the conclusion that I wear this skirt way too much. As much as I love it's color and versatility, it's a "b" to iron and stay wrinkle free. I've given up on perfection, as you might tell from the wrinkly nature, until I find another skirt that will match this color in a less cumbersome fabric. Hopefully wool for the winter.

I was interested in seeing how often I wear this skirt, by putting together a compilation of "the green skirt" outfits.

Here's what I'm wearing today:
blue H&M blouse, thrifted ($2) black velvet tuxedo blazer, thrifted ($6) green skirt, thrifted ($4) black suede heels, TJMaxx ($40)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Terrific Thanksgiving

It's the end of Thanksgiving and I can't wait for it to return again next year. It's always sad to seeing the whole dinner come to an end and then see how all that hard work was eaten in less than an hour. It took at least 3 hours to make those rolls.

Right now as I type I'm gearing up to watch a great Thanksgiving movie that will have me laughing hysterically. I always try to watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles on Thanksgiving. It has a really great plot and two of the greatest comics of all time. It can't get better than that! Oh wait it can! I'll be eating a slice of pumpkin pie while I watch it.

So here is what I wore to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner.

And here is a little pictorial of all the wonderful things we got to eat. It was quite scrumptious.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time to Unwind

I'm so glad to finally be home from work and have gotten the chance to relax before Thanksgiving. Even though Thanksgiving is a day off from work, it still takes a lot out of you if you've got to cook and clean up, but I am definitely looking forward to it. I'll be making the yeast rolls, apple pie, mashed potatoes, and my famous sweet potatoes. FYI, my famous sweet potatoes are just a rip off of Boston Market's sweet potatoes, but Holy Crap are they good!

Today I decided to put on one of my favorite dresses. I love the print on the dress and the colors are so fun. Oh! And there is pockets!

cream cardigan, H&M ($5) dress, Ross ($10) cream pumps, Target ($5) scarf, Korea (gift from my Aunt Suk)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a Blah Day

Today was probably the most boring day at work, ever! It was so bad my co-worker started to memorize different routing numbers from surrounding banks. I guess all our customers are already on vacation or just to busy to come to the bank on a gross rainy day.

Either way, I still put my best foot forward with my favorite little black dress. I layered it over a floral blouse and mimicked the yellow flowers in the blouse with my new ring from Forever 21. I swear that place has the best rings! I wish I could afford to run away with a whole tray of them. I will definitely ask for more on my Christmas list.

Speaking of which, has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I had an early start a couple of weeks, ago, but come November 30, it'll be a fight to the finish. I'm not particularly thrilled with the idea of going to the mall during Christmas shopping season. There's always online shopping, I suppose.

Ok, on to the outfit!
floral H&M blouse, thrifted ($2) black dress, Platos Closet ($10) scarf, H&M ($5) Ring, Forever21 ($5)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ha! I've found it!!!

The credenza was there waiting for me patiently at the thrift store and it was fate! My husband gave me the "look" when I decided to buy it, but when would I find something like that for $80? I was doing a happy dance all the way home, since I've been perusing and antique stores trying to find the best mid century credenza for the past year. Most of the time I'd find something I liked, but then it would turn out to be crazy expensive.

So here's what I wore today. I finally got some funky mustard yellow tights, and broke those out today. I got a few nice compliments on my outfit, especially on the butterfly belt, so that helped make my day a little brighter.

I decided to wear:
different velvet blazer, thrifted ($6) ruffle shirt, target ($4) pencil skirt, thrifted ($3) mustard tights, forever 21 ($6)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Perils Of Moving

The idea of redecorating a new place is such a daunting task. I know we will need rugs (can't find a single one I like in a reasonable price range) and locating a mid century buffet is nearly impossible. I've been searching for a couple of months now. I could just hitch a U-haul to my car and take a road trip to Ikea, but I'm trying to stay more environmentally conscious and buy things second hand. My husband and I even took a trip to a closing furniture store to try and find bed linens and everything was for a king sized bed. Well, I guess the fun in home shopping is the hunt, I just hope the hunt comes to an end soon.

On the plus side, I did enjoy getting dressed today. This is probably one of my favorite blouses, but I don't wear it too often. I paired it with my trusty velvet blazer and super high heels.



I hope everyone's weekend is a fabulous one!

My outfit is:
Velvet blazer, thrifted ($5) grey blouse, Target ($9) skinny jeans, Charlotte Russe($20) BCBG pumps, Ross ($25)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hanging with My Mom

Today I decided to get a little dressed up for Saturday since I was going to a jewelry open house with my mom. The open house is put together by a lady who sells Lia Sophia jewelry for a full time job and at the end of November she sells her personal jewelry pieces that retire from the catalog at a huge discount. There had to be hundreds of pieces to choose from and most were so reasonably priced, it was crazy!! I went ahead and got a few pieces for my Mother-In-Law for Christmas then I got to take this bracelet home for free. I'm in love with it. It's black enamel with cz all over it. How could I resist?!

Here's what I pulled from the closet!
white blouse, Old Navy ($5) green tank, Rorever21 ($2.50) green and lace skirt, ebay ($4) patent oxfords, Payless ($15) bracelet, lia sophia (free) ring, lia sophia ($30)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ah!!! It's Friday!!!

Even though I still have to work tomorrow I can't help feel a twinge of excitement when the real work week comes to an end. I decided to go the matchy matchy route again with my outfit. I really wanted to wear this new (to me) dress I picked up a couple of weeks ago and my new Seychelles matched really well with the look. My husband thought it was funny that I was actually wearing the same shoes two days in a row, but what ev. If you've ever seen my shoe collection you would probably think I have a problem, but I can't help it. Shoes call my name, especially if they are uber cheap and cute.




Here's my look!
boyfriend sweater, forever 21 ($7) dress, thrifted ($2) tights, kensiegirl ($5) Seychelles wedges, thrifted ($6) studded belt, jcrew ($5)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding Our Niche

Boy! Today was filled with all kinds of excitement! My husband and I are in the process of looking for a new apartment in the fabulous neighborhood of Ghent. This is the place where I take my puppy for walks, the place where I work, and they have the most fabulous coffee shops and galleries. This is a big step for us, and I'll be excited when we finally find "the place". So far we've just been busy calling all kinds of places trying to find out when we can look at apartments.

This is what I wore today. I decided to try out my new pair of Seychelles (which were brand new at the thrift store for some reason). I really like the details on the shoes and the wedge made them really comfortable. The rest of the outfit just followed suit. I decided to go matchy matchy with the blue tights and the blue shirt. I took inspiration from Keiko Lynn since she is always able to match her tights with her outfits perfectly.





Wednesday, November 18, 2009

As If I Need Another Excuse!

To go thrifting of course! I guess you could call my friend 'D' an enabler and me her enable. We are always trying to find excuses to go shopping together. We totally cleaned up at a new Goodwill. It's funny how it's a converted Rite Aid Pharmacy and their donation center is located at the drive-thru. What a great way to re-purpose a building!

I found some great items plus some Christmas gifts for my family. They had tons of stuff from Target with new tags and new boxes. I got two new frames, a new shirt, a satin coat, a pair of Seychelles and then an awesome pair of faux bowling shoes all for $20. I would've came home with more, but I needed some kind or restraint.

This is what I wore to work earlier in the day. I had to change before I went out shopping since I got mud all over myself. Our yard is still flooded from last week and it's just one muddy mess. It's not so much fun taking Starla out to go to the bathroom.




grey sweater, dillards (gift from dad) H&M dress, thrifted ($5) crocheted tights, forever 21 ($2) patent oxfords, payless ($15) patent belt, loemahns ($7)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Story of the Skirt

Sorry this is a long story, but kind of funny.


When I took that trip to Charlottesville, I knew that heading into the downtown vintage store would prove to be fruitful. I found this amazing silk skirt! It is probably one of the most pretty things in my closet, and the owner told me that it was possibly from the 1960s. Here's the funny thing about this skirt. I picked out the price tag and noticed it said $22.00. I thought, sure I'll pay that much for a silk skirt. So I go up to the counter and the guy just asked, "how much is it?" I told him $22. Then he said "how about $20?" It wasn't until I get home that I noticed that I looked at the wrong price tag on the rack and my skirt's price tag was safety pinned to the inside with a price of $15! Oh well. I still think it's worth more than that and I'm glad I found it.


tee shirt, H&M ($7) silk skirt, vintage store ($20) nude fishnets, forever21 ($2) bcbg heels, ross ($25)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dreaming Up My Outfits?

For whatever reason I had a dream about this outfit and it came out of no where! I've never worn these boots to work before, since they are a little more casual, but I found a way to make it work. I actually love this outfit! The colors worked well together and overall it was comfy for a long day at work.




So does anyone else have those crazy dreams? I hope I have another one tonight, so I don't have as hard a time getting ready as I normally do.

printed H&M blouse, thrifted ($1.40) grey cardigan, new york and co (gift from sis) black skirt, thrifted ($4) grey socks, target ($3) tan boots, ebay ($20) tan belt, thrifted ($2)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time for a Change!

Ah! I'm a brunette again! It's a bit drastic compared to my ashy blond but I've always been one to experiment with my hair. I wish I could be a little more experimental but I don't think my job would appreciate the color pink on my head.

With the exception of coloring my hair, today's been pretty uneventful. I studied, took a trip to Target, and watched 3 episodes of Mad Men. I really don't know why I never tuned into that show before. I have to play catch up so I can talk to my friend 'D' about the newer episodes. She'll be having a Mad Men party in the near future, so I'll be brainstorming my outfit for that event.




My ensemble is:
royal blue sweater, Ralph Lauren (free from friend) black skirt, thrifted ($3) tan belt, thrifted ($2) tan crocodile heels, antiqued ($4)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Antique Heaven

My friend 'D' is an antique freak. She finds the greatest stuff. I told her that I think her house looks like an estate sale (but that was meant as a compliment). Well today we decided to take a trip to the Eastern Shore, Va to pick up a tandem bicycle she had on hold and then drag our friend 'L' to come shopping with us. 'D' and I could shop for hours, but 'L' isn't too into that. Anyways, it ended up being a fun day and when we get together it's just one big laugh fest.

Here's what I wore. It's still really wet outside so I kept it simple but the belt kinda jazzed up the outfit.



I came away with a few things. A pillbox hat, an 1960s alarm clock, vintage heels, 2 brooches, and an awful, but super cool ash tray that I plan on using just for decoration. I'll post pics of these things tomorrow since the lighting will be better. We finally get to see some sun!

Taken from the wardrobe was:
black tee, H&M ($7) blue cardi, thrifted ($3) jeans, thrifted ($4) black flats, kmart ($5) belt, thrifted ($6)