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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Lovely Day!


I've had a wonderful day! Thanks to the fact that I have to work on Saturday, while everyone else enjoys a lovely three day weekend for Independence Day, I got to enjoy myself a half day! Also, I'm going to give a shout out to Rebecca from The Clothes Horse for suggesting the The Ghost and Mrs. Muir a couple of weeks ago. I put it in my Netflix and finally had the time to watch it today, and it's probably one of my new favorite movies. It's funny, we actually have a lot in common as far as movies go. I didn't even notice her first movie pick for June was North By Northwest and I was already planning on watching that this weekend. I have a soft spot for Alfred Hitchcock. I think I've mentioned that before.




Anyways, I also want to thank Mel from Idee Geniale for posting the how-tos on transforming a dress into a skirt. I've tried and have gotten no-where, but leave it to her to explain that you have to zip up the dress half way to make it lay right. Duh! No wonder it looked so lumpy on me before. Anyways, I tried it this morning, and voila! A cute dress (which the strapped had broke) turned into a skirt.



Skirt, former dress, UO ($10)
T-shirt, H&M ($7)
Shoes, Payless ($10)
Bracelet, Lia Sophia ($20)
Belt, H&M ($5)
Purse, UO ($20)


  1. Great idea with the dress! I love it as a skirt, it has such a wonderful pattern and I dig the pockets!! I love the t-straps too and how well they go with the bag :)

  2. your skirt is so cute :)

  3. aww i love making dresses into skirts--it sorta like..doubles/triples your skirt collection hehe! i think i'm gonna go rent that movie soon...i need to unwind from work!

  4. those flowers in your backdrop are gorgeous, and great idea to turn a dress into a skirt! It totally refreshes your wardrobe without costing a penny! :)

  5. Aw, I love your dress turned skirt! I need to start remixing some of my dresses like this! Love it!

  6. I love the skirt ;D
    And you have beautiful hair ÖÖ I'm jealous

  7. Beautiful skirt! Neat that it used to be a dress -- you'd never know!


  8. cute is this skirt! I love it! :o)


  9. I the plaid skirt and belt. Very cute :)