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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Tortilla West!!!!


6 o clock is a great time to take a hike up to dinner! I would certainly bike, but Zach and I haven't bought locks for them yet, so we decided it would be nice to hike up to dinner. Tonight we were hanging out with friends at this interesting little Tex Mex place called Tortilla West. It has a very interesting vibe. It's stuck in the middle of a very affluent neighborhood, but yet its pretty colorful in the kinds of people who hang out there. You'll see doctors still in scrubs (it's very close to a medical school), skater kids, fancy couples, hipsters, and your run of the middle college kids. Plus the food is super awesome.


For dinner I had a very yummy black bean taco and the most scrumptious jalepeno mac and cheese. I was trying to be adventurous but I'm so glad I tried it! It's probably the most fattening thing I've ever eaten, but I have no regrets. Well, my only regret was I didn't take a picture of it, but I was absolutely starving! Zach just had some tacos along with a local beer called the Red Nun. He was a happy camper!



And here I am finally wearing my Zac Posen for Target shirt! I actually found it new with tags at the thriftstore for a mere $3!! I was stoked! I love the fun trim all around the shirt. I can't wait to pair it with more items! I have a lot of ideas for it, when it comes time to start layering. It's such a great vibrant color.

Top, Goodwill ($3)
Jeans, Charlotte Russe ($20)
Bracelet, vintage ($4)
Earrings, NYandCo ($9)
Shoes, Ross ($8)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biking Away


You know how they say, "It's like riding a bike"? Well it's totally true! I haven't put my butt on a bike in about 3 or 4 years and I took to it like a fish to water! It was amazing! Ok, enough with the exclamation points, but I am just super duper excited:) Zach did a little trade-a-roo and got rid of a vintage Cannondale bike that was much too tall for him and got us matching bikes! I had previously found a bike in Zach's mom's garage, but the part finding was getting to be a pain so instead we found these babies on Craigslist on now here we are!



We decided to test drive them at the park in the back of our neighborhood and then headed up to our favorite little breakfast diner Donut Dinette. It was so neat having people stop and ask us about where we found our bikes. It was kind of like being the cool kid in school...hahaha...yeah right, me?! If you knew me in high school you'd be laughing your ass off at that.


And don't think for a second that I didn't mean to match my outfit to my bike. I wanted to wear brown today to match because I'm that much of a dork. Zach even laughed at me when he asked, "are you really trying to match to your bike?" Uhh... yeah I am.

Blouse, Thrifted ($1.50)
Short, Target ($20)
Shoes, Some store ($7)
Bag, Fred Flare (gift)

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm Back!!! And Well!!!


Oh my goodness!!! It's been quite a long time since I've posted a blog entry!! The illness I had took me a long time to recover from, but today was finally the first day I felt totally back to myself. I actually cared about what I wanted to wear today! I put on a pretty dress, threw on a cardigan and then my leopard print flats and I was on my way. Zach and I had some extra time before I had to head into work, so we walked to breakfast and took some outfit photos. I felt a little rusty since it's been about 10 days since my last post, but I think it worked out well.



Now who is excited for Fall Shopping?!!! Since I was stuck sick in the livingroom I decided to start my fall inspiration scrapbook for fun, and I'm getting so excited for shopping! I can't wait to start shopping for things to layer and accessorize. Has anyone else noticed that when its hotter than Hades that it's really no fun to wear a ton of accessories? Hats are even too much sometimes. But that's what cooler weather is for!



Dress, Modcloth (gift)
Cardigan, Thrifted ($3)
Shoes, DSW ($7)
Necklace, Lia Sophia ($40)
Sunnies, Forever21 ($2)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Peek Inside Part 3


Finally I'm doing an outfit post after a very long week. I'm still not feeling 100% but I need to get this 30 for 30 remix challenge done! After I went thrifting I have a ton of clothes that I can't wait to wear! It'll be so refreshing to see something new. Speaking of seeing something new, here is another peek of my livingroom.


Our couch is from a modern furniture store called EQ3. Zach and I went furniture browsing for months before we finally decided our our Byrd Sofa and I'm so happy we agreed on something we both like. Nothing is worse than disagreeing over each and every thing that gets put in a house. Oh and the coffee table? That came from the dumpster outside our apartment. Someone was throwing away a perfectly good coffee table, so it found it's way into our place.


I think I've worn this outfit about 4 times before I finally had a chance to photograph it for the 30 for 30 challenge. I think it was cursed or something. Every time I wear it, it starts pouring outside when I'm ready for my outfit shoots. So I'm glad I decided to do this indoor series of my home.

Blouse, Thrifted ($4)
Skirt, Thrifted ($5)
Shoes, Payless ($12)
Belt, Thrifted (50cents)
Necklace, Forever21 (Gift)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Simple Goals

4 Simple Goals

The crafting guru and stylish Elsie from A Beautiful Mess is orchestrating an amazing opportunity for readers to publicize 4 simple goals that they wish to complete before the year end. Kind of like New Years resolutions only these types of goals need to make your life happier and richer. So here goes!!! These are things I've contemplated and mulled over for the last couple of days.

1. Start enjoying my vegetarian lifestyle in a more healthful way. I became vegetarian back in January and I did really well with eating the begininng. Now I've become a lazy carb eater instead of enjoying more veggies and fruits. So I will need to start researching more vegetarian friendly meals and cook my food again.

4 simple goals2

2. Pay off my credit cards! This needs to be done. I paid them off back in April and the debt has slowly started creeping back in my life. So as soon as these cards are paid to zero, I'll be cutting them up:)

Wk 3 - Chopped 1

3. Do more sewing projects. I have tons of ideas in my head for sewing and need to get them done. Couch pillows are on the top of my lists. As well as my mending pile, and some alterations.

4 simple goals4

4. Make 75% of my Christmas gifts this year! I've already started thinking about what I want to make for everyone and I think homemade gifts are the way I want to go this year. And what I can't make, I'll be buying on Etsy! I love these jar ideas and I'm hoping I can get the hang of crocheting so I can make some scarves.

4 simple goals3

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It was a very rough and stressful week for me, which should only be followed by a shitty illness. I spent the better part of yesterday sleeping and once my temperature reached 101 I figured I should head to the doctors. Anyways, I thought instead of an outfit post (which I planned on doing yesterday) I'd show you all some of the Fall items I'm most looking forward to.

Fall Florals!!!

fall floral2

fall looks
Images found via

Fall Fabrics such as Corduroy, Twill, Denim, and Suede

fall looks6
image found via

fall looks2
image found via

fall looks5
image found via

fall looks3
image found via

Of course my wallet wouldn't warrant such expensive purchases, so I'll be using these images as inspiration as I go thrift shopping. I just started learning the basics of sewing, so I'm sure if something isn't quite right, I can go ahead and alter it to my needs. Now if only I wasn't sick and could go thrifting today.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Peek Inside Part 2


Today we find ourselves back in my dining room! I've always been in love with mid century furniture, so when I saw this beauty of a buffet, I knew it had to be mine! That little thrift store I talk about all the know Thrift Store USA...had this in their furniture department with an $80.00 sticker on it, marked down from $200. I'm guessing most people were discouraged with the thought of taking off that horrible bird painting on it, so the price dwindled down to $80.




Now it's my place to keep my crafty stuff and also my interesting knick knacks I pick for myself. Oh yeah, and also for it's original purpose as a buffet for little get-togethers. As you can see, I pick out the most ridiculous things to keep on display. The little lamb is something I found at the Goodwill Outlet in a bucket of crap, and couldn't say no. It was an impulse buy for sure.




I have to say, that I was a little worried about trying to come up with something interesting for today's outfit, since I'm starting to loose some steam with outfit ideas. It's these last few days where I'm scratching my head trying to decide if I had already worn this outfit before. I don't want to copy myself during my 30 for 30 challenge since that would defeat the whole purpose. A little creativity needed to be done in the accessory department for sure. I have scarves, belts, hats, and jewelry to adorn myself, so that should totally be sufficient enough.

Tee, Forever21 ($8)
Capris, Old Navy ($10)
Heels, Payless ($12)
Cardigan, Thrifted ($3)
Scarf, Thrifted ($2)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Peek Inside--A Series


So I thought I'd do a little series where I take you on a tour of my home! All the while I'll still be finishing the 30 for 30 challenge and doing my regular outfit shoots! I take a lot of pride in my pretty abode and thought I'd share little snippits with you all. It's so much fun collecting little oddities from thriftstores or antique stores and I feel like it gives my place some character. Maybe it will inspire you, maybe it won't but hopefully you'll enjoy it.




And here I am in my favorite chair! It was a gift from my friend 'D' who had bought the chair from a thriftstore and her husband pretty much proclaimed his disdain for the thing, so now its mine! The color, the shape and the fact that it swivels are just some of my favorite qualities. So, here I sit!


Of course, I still want to talk about my outfit! Remix number 25 is a pretty simple ensemble, but I love how I matched my shoes to my outfit with the cream and black. It was pretty much an accident, but I figured it would be fun to just roll with it. I added the pop by adding a few bracelets and the Clydes Rebirth necklace to my look and I was good to go.

Black dress, Ross ($10)
Shoes, vintage/thrifted ($7)
Cardigan, H&M ($5)
Necklace, Clydes Rebirth

A Peek Inside


After getting home late from a tiring day at work, I didn't have much time to head out to the outdoors for a photo shoot. Why not use the better part of my home? There are certain areas in our little apartment that are really just for me. This little corner is my crafting /writing area and I take good pride in making it look pretty. I find terribly kitchy paintings and nail them on up, than I find weirdo little trinkets to set upon my desk. I love changing it up so much!




And how behind am I on 30 for 30 Challenge? I'm only on remix 24, while most others are already done! I would be done, but some of my outfits were erased from my memory card, so that kind of sucks. I'm back on track though. I decided to try a little scarf turban in my hair today, which gave me that little something extra. I found the scarf in the thriftstore and couldn't resist the pretty pattern and the colors of blue. There were so many scarves to choose from, but I just had to have this one. I'm looking forward to putting together more looks with it!



Blouse, Target ($10)
Skirt, Thrifted ($5)
Belt, Thrifted ($3)
Shoes, Ross ($15)
Scarf, Thrifted ($2)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Super Fantastic Saturday!


Ok, Remix Number 23! Hit me with your best shot! This was so easy to put together, since all of my other remix clothes were dirty. Thank goodness these pieces actually matched! So even though I haven't posted all 30 of my outfits, I have officially gone about 35 days without buying a single piece of clothing. Since, I technically went 35 days without shopping, I felt it was time to treat myself to the wonders of the thriftstore. And boy did I treat myself! I went bananas! Here is the evidence of my fruitful treasure hunts.


At the suggestion of my friend/neighbor, I decided to take her and our friend to the Goodwill Outlet in Virginia Beach. Let me tell you! That place is one crazy cluster f**k. Just so ya'll know. I knew the clothes were going to be in bins and whatnot, but I didn't realize that the clothes wouldn't even be organized by gender. That was the hardest part. I'd find some awesome denim peeking out from the bin only to discover it was a man's size 38 waist pair of jeans. Bummer! But I did come away with some awesome goodies. Then we hit up Thrift Store USA and I was whisked away in blouse heaven! Buy One Get One Free! Yippie! I needed some new blouses desperately and was enamored by all the pretty patterns and colors. After the thrifting adventures with my friends, I still had to meet another friend for some mall shopping.




We met at Plato's Closet (which was sort of a bust) and then made our way to the Goodwill store across the street. Guess what I found?!! A Zac Posen for Target blouse! $4! Can't beat that! Not even with a stick! Then we headed to Marshalls. I was in love with so many things in there, but I couldn't afford most of it. That place is quite pricey compared to thrift stores. Oh and we never made it to the malls, but that's best saved for a day after payday.


Blouse, Thrifted ($3)
Shorts, Target ($20)
Belt, Thrifted ($5)
Shoes, Ross ($13)
Necklace, FredFlare ($10)
Coffee Cup, Green Alternatives ($9)