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Monday, January 17, 2011

Coffee, Chores, and Clothes


I woke up to a cloudy dreary day with hopes that a hot cup of coffee was in my near future.  Zach and I both had the day off for the holiday so we stayed in bed a little bit later than usual, then got dressed and headed to Fair Grounds.  They always have some crazy little concoction to try out so I got the Fat Elvis.  Think coffee, with chocolate, peanut butter and banana.  So yummy!!



Aside from a walk to a coffee joint, our day was quite productive and focused.  First off, in my delirious mind yesterday, I told my mom we could do my birthday at my apartment.  Let's remember I'm not the most organized person so I practically spent all morning with Zach cleaning up the place.  Second off, I had to finish my closet purge and get stuff out of the house and into the thrift store.  Although I was going there to rid my life of some accumulated crap, I did find myself bringing home a few more things.  I'll show those off another day, but they were totally worth it!  (oh God, I sound like I have a shopping disorder)

Thirdly, I wanted to take this day to start putting more focus on my blog by creating an inspiration board for myself to change and view as needed.  It will also help me stay on track with all of my thrifting habits and help with putting together outfits. Plus its fun to be crafty on rainy dreary days!


Dress, Swapped with Mel from Idee Geniale
Belt, Forever21
Tights, Target
Dolce Vita for Target Boots, Gift
Hat, Forever21

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