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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five Things You Don't Know!!


About me of course!!!  Excuse me if this post my seem more narcissistic than usual, but I love reading other people's unknown facts so I figured I'd just throw it out there.  So here we go!!

1.  I'm a vegetarian, merging into a vegan lifestyle, but the smell of bacon has me yearn for it.  I don't eat it, but it makes me wish bacon didn't come from cute little piggies.


2.  I have a pretty bad the worst potty mouth.  I tone it down amongst my parents, some other people and of course on my blog, but several curse words come out of my mouth pretty regularly. It's a habit I'm trying to break.  Honest.


3.  My parents sent me to summer art schools and year round piano lessons between the ages of 12-19, in hopes that I would be more artistic and well rounded.  I don't have that artistic gene and all that money was wasted:(


4.  I haven't driven a car regularly in about 4 months and I've basically forgotten how to drive.   It's not like riding a bike.


5.  In my mind, my dog is my baby.  I cloth her for warmth, buy her holistic dog food from the farmer's market, and she has health insurance.  She's a spoiled brat too with a toy chest.  I'd hate to see how my real kids turn out!


And that is all!  And if you have more questions that need to be answered, I've started a Formspring!!

Dress, Borrowed from Idee Geniale
Belt, H&M
Tights, Target
Brazilian Loafers, Thrifted
Crocheted Hat, Forever21


  1. Ha, loved reading these. I have a terrible potty mouth too, but I promise I'm trying to fix it!

  2. I have a potty mouth that I need to tame. The worst was when I heard my son repeat something naughty I said!
    I love that dress, too. I love shorter dresses with long sleeves. Too adorable!

  3. Your outfit looks great, I think styling is probably where your artistic side comes out!

  4. Good for you on deciding to be Vegan. I love a lot of vegan much that I sometimes eat Vegan items instead of the originals. (ie: Mac and Cheese)

  5. i love when bloggers share more personal info! :)

    like you, i swear a like a sailor. im ok at work, but otherwise, i drop f-bombs left and right.

    and going vegan - i commend you! yogurt and cheese make me way too happy to ever give them up!

  6. Loved hearing more facts about you! I'm totally the opposite: I never swear but I could never be a vegetarian, let alone vegan! I love your mustard yellow beanie! It compliments the dress so well :)

  7. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I LOVE this. This is my favorite outfit in a while and I love the post- personal details are so lovely!

  8. I liked hearing these facts about you, it's always nice to hear more from the bloggers! :D And your outfit is great!

    autumn, coffee and inspiration