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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet 26?


Wow!!! I can't believe it's been 10 years since my sweet sixteen.  Is this the part where I should start feeling old?  I still feel young!  I can't really feel the difference between this age and 18.  It all seems to blur together for me.  Once adulthood sets in, it's like the years just fly past!  Before I know it I'll be 30!  But I'll probably still feel's to hoping!!



This year my birthday was a lot more low key than the usual.  I even worked on my birthday!!  I celebrated with my family on Monday by eating out at a pizza joint that sells vegan pizza and then my mom surprised me with a vegan chocolate cake she made from scratch!!  And it was delicious.  Another surprise from my parents were these shoes I'm wearing. They are absolutely fabulous!! I can't even tell you how comfortable they are!



My outfit today is a lot more colorful than my outfits as of late.  I didn't want to just throw on some navy tights with my navy skirt, so I opted for a bright mustard color.  It went well with the rusty orange polka dots on this Tucker for Target blouse, which was lent to me by Mel.  I'm so happy she included it with her shipment.   All in all this was the happiest of birthdays outfit.

Oh and Hello Hello!!! I did a Guest Post with Citizen Rosebud.  Please check it out here!  She's a fantastic writer and has the most rad style, so I know you'll love her blog!

Blouse, swapped with Mel
American Eagle Skirt, Thrifted
Mustard Tights, RiteAid
Extra Credit Wedges, gift from Mom

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