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Friday, September 30, 2011

Philly We Loved You!!


These photos are just of Eastern State Penitentiary, but enjoy the adventurous tales of our whole trip to Philly:)

Our time in Philadelphia was too brief, but we managed to have an awesome time...despite the crappy weather.  We arrived Friday afternoon and settled into our hotel for a couple of hours and then skitted off to south Philadelphia to head to a cute vintage shop and then we headed to a bar for drinks.  While there I drunkenly watched Slap Shot for about an hour and just laughed.  Then we went to Franklin Fountain per Veronika's suggestion before meeting up with her and her husband at a cool cantina for more drinks, food and chit-chatting.  It was pouring rain and just crazy trying to drive around there, but in the end it was a great first night in Philadelphia. 


On the day of Riot Fest we had to kill a few hours before the show, so we thought, "why not visit Eastern State Penitentiary?"  I am obsessed with Ghost Hunters and they've visited that place twice before, so it made perfect sense for me to go over there and experience some of (if any) the super natural.  Sadly, the only thing I came away with was a somber empathic feeling.  It was quite depressing, but the building itself was very beautiful (for a prison anyways).  Lots of windows along corridors, a beautiful synagogue and the fortress wall was made of glistening stones.


Our next stop was Riot Fest.  Zach and I actually got reacquainted at a show (nearly 9 years ago) so we have always had a common bond over musical taste.  Each year we try to fit in a few concerts and this year we got lucky and we were able to see about 5 great punk/hardcore bands all at once!!! I'll do a special mixtape post later this week and share some music with you all.


And that's that!  It was a terrific trip which would've been even better if it was longer.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mother Nature is Confused


Just when I think its fall, it decides to go right back to summer.  I swear, you just never know.  Which is why I haven't officially changed out my wardrobe from summer to fall/winter.  Mother Nature isn't very dependable. 


In order to stay cool on an unusually hot day I decided to wear my newly altered blouse (last seen here).  I posed a question to you guys back in July to find out if I should shorten it or not and decided that I'd give it the chop.  I took off about 5 inches from the bottom and then shortened the sleeves about 1 1/2 inches.  I like the way it came out, but it is odd for me to be baring even a fraction of my tummy.  But I like the look!


To go with the blouse I figured I'd just mix it all up with different garments from different decades.  The blouse is from the 80s, the belt is a vintage Jorache from the 90s and the shoes are from the 70s.  It's all over the place as far as vintage goes, but it seemed cohesive in a way.  I kept the look modern with my bell bottoms which were thrifted H&M jeans and then the floppy faux suede hat. 


Everything is THRIFTED!!!!
Well, except the hat.

Hat, UO

Monday, September 26, 2011

Impusive Shopper

summer to fall outfits

While in Philadelphia I happened to wander in Urban Outfitters for a look-see and I came away with a very pretty and very summery white linen skirt.  I really have no clue why there was a multitude of these skirts hanging up for just $10 but they called my name and I plucked one up from the sales rack (that's the only rack I use when I shop there) and headed to the cashier to squander away some money on a summery skirt.  Lets remember that I just posted a "Fall Wishlist" on my blog not too long ago and I needed to have cooler weather clothes on the brain...but instead bought a white linen skirt.  Duh!!

impulse buys
chambray button down

So as not to make this purchase purely impulsive I decided to prove to myself that I could "autmunize" this outfit.  I decided to pair the white skirt with black tights first (odd choice but go with it) then layered a pretty denim button down.  Some cognac heels and the a dark green belt rounded out my look and then there you go!!  Perfectly fall-like.  At least for the falls in the south;)

linen in the fall
autumn outfit

Denim Blouse, Thrifted
Skirt, UO
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Crown Vintage heels, Thrifted
Necklace, Consignment

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Scenic Eastern Shore

striped top

Before I hit the streets of Philidelphia and enjoy some fun times I thought I'd do a quick post with pictures I took earlier today while on the Eastern Shore.  The Eastern Shore is basically a long  peninsula that stretches from Delaware to Virginia with beautiful scenic lookouts.  I've always wanted to take a detour to a lookout so that's just what we decided to do. 

jeggins and cropped top
vintage beads

It was also so peaceful to listen to the sandpiper birds milling around on the beach and the breezy air blowing off the waters.  It was nice to sit and watch for a few minutes before we had to get back on the road. 

eastern shore
road trip

And just in case you are wondering, this is my go-to look for any type of travel.  Some super stretchy jeans and a loose top.  Its perfect for staying comfy while stuck in a car for about 6 hours and its also kind of stylish...if I do say so myself.  It's also a good look to sport while tromping around town and stepping into bars for a cold yummy beer:)  It's vacation after all!!

travel outfit

Top, H&M
Jeans, Forever21
Steve Madden Brogues, Plato's Closet
Vintage Necklace, Thrifted

Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Market to Market

Actually, I'm not really heading to a market.  I'm going to Philly and hope to find some of these things on my fall wish list. The whole trip won't be centered around shopping, but while I'm there I might as well pop into a few vintage shops to see if I can find what I'm looking for. 

to market to market

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Snappy

lace dress

The other day last week Zach and I took a little walk around our neighborhood and decided to take pictures along the way.  Not just outfit photos, but scenic photos.  I bought Zach this mini Diana camera last year as a bit of a surprise gift and for the first time this summer I finally remembered to take it along for a little trip.  It's such a cool little gadget and it takes really neat photos.  The only downside is, I have to send out the film to be processed since the local camera shop closes too damn early to be of any use to anybody.

white lacey dress
leather loafers

Anyways, it was also fairly hot that day, which is why I'm wearing a summery frock, as opposed to the autumnal ones I've been wearing.  This dress was a second hand gift from one of my best buddies, Brittany.  She thought it was too short on her, so it was gifted to me.  Now I am wondering if this is a tad too short on me since I'm about 2 inches taller than Brittany.  Hmmm...well I think it's okay anyways.  Those darn Forever 21 dresses have a way of being confused as a dress, a tunic, or a top so it's up to us to make the better judgement...or lack there of hehe..

vintage camera bag
mini diana

Oh and lets all have a moment of silence for these pretty brown shoes.  A little monster named Archie took a chuck out my perfect Brazilian leather shoes so now they are no more.  I'm shedding a tear just thinking about it.

vintage loafers

Forever21 Dress, 2nd Hand
Vintage Flats, Thrifted--no more
Vintage Necklace, Flea Market
Vintage Camera Bag, Thrifted

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Recipe for a Rainy Day


Thanks to all the gloomy weather we've been having, I am finally able to make use of my pretty rainboots.  They're not Hunter, or anything cool like that, but they are comfy and made to resemble riding boots.  The boots themselves aren't necessarily the corner stone to my outfit, but they were handy for walking around outside through rain puddles on my way to meet a friend for breakfast:)  As for the rest of the outfit, it was super casual but well thought out.  A chambray blouse with a pair of dark skinny jeans and then a great comfy boyfriend sweater to pull it together.  It's a recipe for a dreary cool rainy day outfit. 

denim tuxedo
black rain boots
rainy day outfit

As for my weekend, I was holed up inside for most of it due to the fact that Zach and I are saving our pennies.  We're taking a mini vacation to Philadelphia so that we can finally see the Descendents and The Dead Milkmen.  They're having a smaller version of Riot Fest on the east coast and I couldn't be more excited.  It'll be awesome!!  A cool hotel, a fun city and music!! 

vintage coach bag
denim blouse and pants

I hope your Monday was a good one!  Mine sucked butt, but that's what I get for working at a bank.  It's busy, noisy, and well you know.  It's Monday.  

black boots

Blouse, Remade from dress
Forever21 Jeans, Plato's Closet
Belt, H&M
Boots, Kmart
Cardigan, Forever21 ---years ago
Vintage Coach Tote, Beacon's Closet

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcoming Fall


Well, its a dreary cool morning for the third day in a row in southern VA and that can only mean one thing.  Fall is here!!!  I know we'll get a few more scorcher days ahead of us, but for now Mother Nature is giving us the gift of cooler weather:)  So I'll take it!!!


To celebrate to coming of the harvest I donned my most fall appropriate outfit that I owned.  This dress was something that caught my eye first at the ModSwap back in NY and I was tickled to find out that it's original owner was no one else but Jasmine!!!  Hahaha..It was so funny when I showed her what I got and then we were both surprised to find out it was hers.


To make this dress more appropriate for fall weather I actually layered the dress over this pretty vintage blouse that I've been craving to wear all summer.  Too hot summer temps, plus humidity doesn't bode well for polyester fabrics.  Boo!  To top it off I threw on tights for the first time since April and then added my tan shoes and belt.  And now I welcome fall with open arms!!! Yippie!!


Forever21 Dress, ModSwap via Jasmine
Vintage Blouse, Thrifted
Tan Wedges, Modcloth
Vintage Belt, Thrifted

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Booking it To Brooklyn


This past Sunday while in NY, I decided to book it to Brooklyn with Zach and his uncle and take a trip to the Brooklyn Flea and then the Brooklyn Brewery.  My dress was a tad bit too fancy for such an excursion, so I threw on a denim jacket for an instant casual look.  I actually ended up totally in love with this outfit!!  Not to prissy and not too laid back.  The dress is actually something I purchased with a ShopBop gift certificate that  I won through a giveaway and its my first purchase from the Madewell line.  It's silk and soft and I can't wait to see what it will look like with dark tights for winter:)


The trip to Brooklyn was quite an ordeal only because the easiest train to get there ended up being closed for the weekend, so we ended up taking a very long subway which then led to a very long bus ride.  I was groggy from zero caffeine and just about ready to kill someone, then we got dropped at our stop about 15 feet away from a little cafe that served coffee from the sidewalk:)  So coffee in hand I was able to meander the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg with Zach and his uncle and had a ton of fun playing dress up in the vintage!!  Then we headed to the Brooklyn Brewery and got some yummy beer and enjoyed a very educational tour.  Yup, it was awesome!!  Of course, since we went to the brewery I also had to take a mini trip to Beacon's Closet where I found an awesome vintage Coach tote and striped vintage sweater:) 


Yup!! So that was my busy fun filled Sunday!!! (I miss NY)

Dress, Madewell
Denim Jacket, Gap
Vintage Belt, Thrifted Bag, ModSwap Party
Flats, UO