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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Peek at My Bedroom

I've gotta document the look of this bedroom before I officially move the heck out, come March.  I'm really sad to leave this little place, but it's time to move on.  So here's the bedroom....


Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting a little SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that most people deal with when the time changes and it's just dark the moment you go to work and then moment you come home from work.  Depression is such an ugly place to be in.  Especially in the darker months.  This season is a bit different for me though.  I really like the idea of sun lamps and such, but I'm on a budget, and they are just so ugly!!!  So I decided to invest in some pretty candle light.  It's cheap and it makes my home feel so much cozier in the evening hours.  I have a cozy throw on my couch and just light some candles then cuddle with the boyfriend.  Or just cuddle with myself and turn on some 30 Rock.  Thank you Netflix!  hahaha..

Obviously, when you're dealing with a depression where you're just so full of despair, it needs to have the attention of a doctor to prescribe to you meds or alternative therapy.  I've been suffering with some form of depression since high school and my doctors were really more for the alternatives to medicines.  So check with the docs please!

Monday, January 14, 2013

An Off Sunday

It's like I look surprised that I decided to do style photos!!  It was a deary Sunday morning and nothing was feeling right.  You know what I mean?  It was an off day.  I was in an off mood, I was just feeling blah and overly exhausted.  Too be more clear, I suffer from anxiety, and this past week was horrendous!!  Today I started to feel more normal and everything is settling into place like it should.

Oh, so this outfit.  It's your basic, roll out of bed and try to figure something out, type of outfit.  I took inspiration from some photos I saw in a magazine and threw this together.  I'm digging the sheer tights with the shorts.  It's sexy but not overtly so.  The blazer really tones down any sort of va-va-voom for a Sunday morning look.  Hehehe..

Hat, Blazer, & Blouse, Thrifted
Shoes, UO
Shorts, Target
Coach Purse, Antique Store

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Made the Bed!!!

One of my goals is to try my best to be neat and tidy.  So here is my documentation that I made my bed!!!  Holy crap on a stick I actually made my bed!!!  Baby steps people, baby steps.  Having a new duvet set with a puffy down converter makes it even easier.

Dress and Belt, Thrifted

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ring In The New Year!!!

Thank you 2012 for being so good to me!!!  There was so much change in my life those last 12 months.  It's unreal to even think about.  The year started off shaky, with my divorce from my husband, then all the money problems that are associated with that.  I had to give up my Starla (roughest part of everything) to my mom and then Archie to my mother in law.  But then by the middle of year I had fallen in love with a great wonderful guy who's name is Adam.  He is one of the most sweetest, honest, adorable, smart, handsome, etc...guy.  Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming him up.  hahaa..too much?  And I have my health, an excellent set of parents, a very supportive sister and a great roommate.

So, listen here 2013!!!!  I've got some goals and special reminders to give to you for me! 

  1. Pay off those damn credit moving back in with my parents.  So scared about this   next step in my life.  If I can pay them off in 9 months...all will be good.
  2. Get more organized.  I always enjoy nice cleaning living in other people's homes...why not mine?  I am perplexed at how their time management works with day life and daily cleaning.
  3. Revisit the yoga studio.  I did Ashtanga yoga for years, then I switched it up to hot yoga. And then I got lazy and stopped going to them all. 
  4. Stop obsessively buying clothes.  God, please help me!!
  5. Take my first college math course (the one I was saving for last) and be on my way to graduation!!!!  Pretty Please!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Little Things

Finally!!!  A true to life style post!!!  These won't be too common, but they will be included.  I was feeling rather Christmasy so I donned an appropriate cream white thickly knit sweater and a faux fur collared red jacket.  Something about cream and red really make me feel comfy cozy.  Especially when the bitter wind is biting right through you.

I only wish I could give you a close up of my fancy shoes!!!  My wonderful guy surprised me by painting my shoes with a funky gold pattern.  I truly love them to death!!  Every time I glanced down I'm reminded that my boyfriend is quite a charming lad and super creative when it comes to giving me a surprise.

Jacket, Vintage
Jeans, Sweater, Thrifted
Shoes, UO then handpainted
Necklace, Made by me

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Skirt!!!

One of my good friends recently let me go through their vintage collection of gorgeous dresses.  While I'm no where near their size, I decided to not let it stop me from creating something that would fit me.  The green silk fabric was just fabulous and I thought it would be perfect for a cute Christmas skirt to be worn with a cute vintage kids holiday sweater.

It's super duper easy to make a skirt like this.  I just chopped off the bottom of the dress and then cut up vertically to create a long piece of fabric.  Then I took the fabric, wrapped it around my waist and pinned it where it fit, then cut off the excess.  Then I folded and sewed a 1 inch hem at the top.  I am using the original hem for the bottom of the skirt since it's even easier that way.  Then you just thread some elastic (cut to the size of your waist plus maybe an inch and a half) through that hem you made, gather the elastic then sew the ends of the elastic together with the fabric.  Done and done!

 (don't mind the missing needle...I had just broken it before I decided to take this photo.  hehe)