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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About Me

Refreshed About Page Coming Soon


  1. I loved reading this Emily! Even though I knew most if it because of our awesome coffee date, it was great to hear all the little details :) I still think it's so completely adorable that you two met in 6th grade! It's like a movie!!

    And I wonder why you are having difficulty getting loans? Haha, that scares me because I'm gonna have to live off loans pretty much starting next year!

  2. I also enjoyed reading this... and you and your husband look great together.

  3. Hey girl.. I absolutely loved reading this!

  4. Its awesome getting to know more about your life!! thanks for the great post. and btw, im in the same boat in regards to school. I am 25 and finally 2 semesters away from my AA degree. you go girl! keep doin it!!