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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Weekly Thriftstore Finds

new finds

So I think I'll start a new little feature on this blog where I will showcase my new thrifting finds.

So it wasw a fruitful day at the thrift store for me. I think the vintage rolling pin and the yellow belt are my favorites!


Super Casual Look for Super Busy Day


It is going to be quite a busy day, but in a good way. I have already gone grocery shopping and it's only 12:00! There's much more to be in store too. I have school work, laundry, bathing my cute little puppy, giving myself a much needed pedicure, and I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of anything else now. Once I'm done for the day I am planning on getting comfortable and watching Rear Window. Just one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films.

I would've worn something a little more dressy, but with having to put 'giving my dog a bath' on my To-Do list, I decided to be a little more practical.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

What to Wear? What to Wear?


Usually every morning is spent trying to find something to wear. I have it in my mind that I'm going to wear something really specific, like these skinny cropped pants, and then I need to tear my closet apart trying to piece together something great! I wanted to feel a little dressed up for a double date tonight, so I threw on the blazer, and then to make a pop, I decided on a bright yellow snake skin belt.

Blazer, thrifted ($1.50) white blouse, H&M ($24) yellow belt, thrifted ($6) brown heels, Marshalls ($10)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bitter Sweet Days


It was a bitter sweet day for me. I was sent to a branch for 2 weeks and today was my last day there, but it's off to new beginnings! I am going to one of the most coveted branches in my city, in a prime location. Not only are there tons of restaurants in this little village, but there are also 3 thrift stores in a 1 mile radius to me, plus a consignment store. This is good news for me, but bad news for my wallet. I will try to show some restraint, but I can't make any promises.


The outfit consisted of..

mustard top, thrifted ($1) belt, H&M ($5) burgandy skirt, thrifted ($4) black heels, gift from friend (free!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The versatile LBD


I love the flexibility the Little Black Dress gives to my wardrobe. Why wouldn't anyone own one?! The classic shape of my black shift is reminiscent of the dress Audrey Hepburn had worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's when she was on her way to Sing-Sing to visit "Sally Tomato". I just wish it had that flirty hem that Audrey's had, but since I'll be starting sewing classes next week, maybe I'll add that flirty hem once I get a little more experience.
...we shall see.

Now I just need to figure out more ways to wear this!

LBD, Platos closet ($8) cream cardigan, H&M ($5) Snake print heels, TJmaxx ($20) necklace, thrifted ($2) Earrings, Target ($4)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remixing Something from Summer to Fall

Who doesn't love a dress covered in Banana leaves? This crazy pattern seems to get me attention everywhere I go, and mostly it is positive. It's a great summer dress and I can't wait to remix it for a fall/winter look. It'll take some creativity but I look forward to the challenge. I always get inspiration for these summer to winter looks from Lucky Mag. They always have a great pictorial in September issues. I'll have to make time to look through my latest copy to see what they suggest.

Dress, thrifted ($5) Cardigan, Old Navy ($7) Red belt, thrifted ($2) Heels, thrifted ($2)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

So where was I off to today in this outfit? I went to the local green living store because they were hosting a clothing/accessories swap. I came back with a great pair of seersucker slacks from the SJP line Bitten, and a pair of cropped skinny jeans. Plus a fun straw hat that I plan on re-purposing and a boy's size oxford shirt.

I decided to try out the new/old blazer I found in the boys section at the thrift store. The girly frily blouse needed to be balanced out with a little masculinity, so that's why I chose the blazer. As much as I wanted to wear the blazer it was so hot outside today that I only threw it on if the AC started getting on my nerves.

Blazer, thrifted ($1.50) Blouse, thrifted ($1) denim pencil skirt, JCrew ($9) Snake print heels, TJMaxx ($20)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vintage Finds from Saturday

I wish I had more loot to show, but some detail shots will be nice for this blog. I will post more things tomorrow when I got thrifting tomorrow.

An Endevour in Pink

This is the kind of dress that I would normally shy away from because pink really isn't my favorite color, but I really liked the shaped and texture of the dress. It has a great swiss-dot pattern and it almost reminds me of an old fashioned diner's uniform. In order to keep myself from looking like a Johnny Rocket's waitress I wore some high high heels with a matching belt. Then threw on a pretty vintage necklace and a vintage floral ring.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time to Relax

Everyday seems to have the many stresses of day to day life. When I have a day where I don't have anything to do, I just relish in the nothingness. Even though I may not have a pressing issue, I just can't sit in front of the t.v. or the computer all day. So today will be a day of attempting to refashion some pieces of clothing and a little baking. It's the small things in life that make me the most happiest. And if today really goes my way, I'll be watching Project Runway from my DVR.

So here's what I'm wearing today!

Black ruffle blouse, JCpenney($7) Shorts, Target($17) Belt, H&M($5) Wedges, Payless ($9).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Digging for Treasures

What could make for a better Saturday, then shopping with a friend all day long. I love antiquing and couldn't believe the treasure trove that is in our own backyard. We spent a good 3 hours wandering around the store, trying on old hats, jewelry and coveting all the things we really couldn't afford. The only compliant we had was the AC wasn't turned on! Apparently the owner doesn't like wasting money on the necessities in life.

I did come away with a few finds. A pair of rhinestone clip-ons, a sunflower ring, and a wooden bangle. I would've bought more, but my silly conscious kept telling, No!

So here's what I wore for the outing!

White crew neck, thrifted ($2) green lace skirt, ebay ($4) black sandals, Ross ($10) Neclace, grandmas

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Thrift Finds!

Yesterday was such a great day! I had the day off, so I felt it necessary to hit up a local thrift store and see what was in store. I came away with the skirt I was wearing today, a pink swiss-dot shirt dress, a cute floral pleated skirt, and a really nice cropped blazer. The blazer was actually a boys size and fit like a dream in the shoulders, but I'm going to be honest. It'll never button up over my girls, but that's okay.

I really wanted my outfit to center around this funky blouse I picked up at the thrift store a month ago. It has a fun pattern, with a wide peter pan collar that gives it a fun vibe for a Friday.

Blouse, thrifted ($2) Skirt, thrifed ($4) Belt, H&M ($5) Platforms, Nine West ($20)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So I'm Strolling through Kmart...

What's a girl to do when she's suppose to be shopping for something useful or necessary such as toilet paper and toothpaste, when all of a sudden she gets distracted by clothing and accessories placed all throughout the store. These stores, such as Target, Walmart, and Kmart, get me every time! I'm strolling through Kmart and out of the corner of my eye I see this awesome printed blouse! To top it all off it's 50% off and it could be mine for the low low price of $6! I'm beside myself! So I buy the shirt and it's even better in when I get it home. Does this happen to everyone? Or am I just a sucker for great product placement?

Blouse, Kmart ($6) skirt, my sister's (free) Liz Claiborne heels, Thrifted ($2) Necklace, grandma's (free)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go To Outfits

I usually enjoy the moments before work where I can sort through my clothes, try them on and find something that is just right. Today was a morning where I needed to get going quick, so I went to an outfit that I have routinely put together all summer. It's just works for me. I wish the skirt was a little shorter, but my work environment isn't conducive to anything above knee. So I guess you could say this skirt pushed the envelope a little bit, but no harm no foul.

Lavender tee, thrifted ($1) Abstract Floral skirt, thrifted ($4) Ralph Lauren belt, Thrifted ($4) Brown Peeptoes, Marshalls ($10)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Crazy Tales from Ebay

Do you ever get so excited to see something name brand that you don't really take a close look at it? That was the case with this dress. I was wandering around Ebay looking for an Anthropologie dress for Easter. Well this print caught my eye immediately and I got so excited that I "Bought It Now!" for a mere $10.00! I get it in the mail and discover it's really a Mossimo Supply dress from Target! Was I just had by some mean ebayer?

No. If I had looked closely enough at the description I would've read, "Like an Anthropologie dress." Lucky for me the dress was just as pretty as it was in the picture and it fit like a dream.

Red cardigan, Target ($4) Dress, Ebay ($10) Belt, thrifted ($2) White heels, Charlotte Russe ($10)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dressing Up for Dives

What could be better than eating at an old fashion drive-in, where their claim to fame is inventing the waffle cone? Doumar's is so much fun and you will find all sorts of people dining there. It's located really close to an opera house and you will routinely find people wearing their finest opera dresses and tuxedos while eating some greasy cheeseburgers and fries. It looks like a complete dive but its the best food in Norfolk.

I may not have been really dressed up for last night's venture, but according to other people's standards, whenever you wear a skirt or dress you're automatically dressed up for someplace, and I just tell them 'I like dressing up for Doumar's!'

Here's link to see the glory that is Doumar's!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally A New 'Do'!!!

My relationships with haircuts have been a little love/hate. I love getting a whole new look a couple of times a year, whether it's a dye job or fabulous cut, but I hate the costs to keep up such looks. Since November I've neglected to cut my bob and it grew out to be mousy overgrown mess (which is why I routinely put it up in a ponytail) so I decided it was finally time to put an end to the madness. Now that I'm posting pictures of myself for weardrobe and The Daily Fashionista, I wanted to freshen up the look a little. So, I got myself BANGS!! I haven't sported bangs since I was 17 and I'm so happy to be doing it again.

So the outfit is more for the kind of day I'm having. Casual and lowkey. I loved the jeans when I picked them up at the thriftstore, but neglected to look closely at the tag, which was ankle length flares. So I took the scissors to them and gave myself a new pair of shorts.

(side note, my sis and I went shopping a week ago and found a pair similar at American Eagle for...get this....$29.00!! When I wore these to her house today, she thought I went back to the mall to buy them! What am I crazy?!)

Blouse,Tjmaxx ($9) Shorts, once jeans ($2) Flip flops, H&M ($5) Necklace, grandma's, Bangle, Loemahns ($8)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Food For Thought

Last night I saw one of the most influential documentaries ever! Food Inc. was incredible and the idea that the food industry bullies small farmers and exploits immigrant workers made me furious. This movie has a great message to anyone who is ready to start changing things for the better and just making food healthier for ourselves and our environment. You can check out the movie at I highly recommend it for anyone.

For the outfit I decided to keep it casual with some boyfriend jeans I've had laying around in my closet for a few weeks now. They are actually from the Bitten line that Sarah Jessica Parker helped create and I have to say, they aren't that bad of quality. I added my pink belt for a splash of color, but I'm sure the nail polish I was wearing was enough color for any outfit.

white tee, thrifted ($2) black cardi, old navy ($6) pink belt, target ($4) jeans, thrifted ($2) grey platforms, target ($6)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Favorites

I found this dress in probably the largest thriftstore on earth. My husband and I went to DC to visit his family and decided it would be worthwhile to do some thrifting in a differnt city. If you haven't been to a ValueVillage, then you are missing out. I found so many great finds, including this Lux dress with a brilliant floral design. I also found this great necklace and it just happened to match the blue in this dress perfectly. So I threw it all on this morning and couldn't have been happier with the results.

Necklace, thrifted ($14) Dress, thrifted ($3) Cream cardigan, H&M ($5) Belt, thrifted ($3), Sandals, Mervyns, ($7)

Fell4Fashion Giveaway!

I found Fell For Fashion's blog a little while ago through LuckyStyleSpotter and I have to say its such a great site. Her style is great and her blog is very well written. Check out her blog and also enter her drawing! Her giveaway is a set of three rings from ShopKim at etsy. You can visit her blog at

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kind of Western Style

I've been looking at this plaid shirt in my closet for quite some time. The western style of the shirt had me a little perplexed since I didn't want to automatically pair it with denim and make it cliche. So this morning I paired it with a black knee length skirt and found a great belt that would compliment the pink in the shirt nicely. I added the wooden pumps to give it an unexpected punch. All in all I like how the outfit turned out, but I'd still like to incorporate more looks with my pink top.

flannel plaid top, thrifted ($1) black skirt, thrifted ($4) pink belt, target ($4), black platform pumps, forever 21 ($5 or $6)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White Hot!!

Oh my goodness! By 8:00am it was already 90 degrees and I decided early on I'd be wearing this breezy white dress I picked up from H&M. To make it a little more work appropriate I chose to add a cropped blazer and an antique belt.

Let me tell you, it's a good thing I decided to wear this particular dress, because I ended up locking myself out of my house and had to walk 15 minutes in some hot hot heat to my mom's house. On the way to my mom's, the original shoes I picked out for this outfit ended up breaking, so all in all it was a great morning. But I need to look at the bright side! It could only get better from here and I did get the spare key.

Blazer, Thrifted ($3), White dress, H&M ($20), White heels, Marshalls ($10)

Time to Bake

After wearing those crazy heels, I decided to switch out my shoes to make it more appropriate for baking an apple cake. I love to bake for anyone anywhere, so I decided to help out an elderly customer and bake a cafe for his wife's birthday. I hope he likes it and better yet, I hope it tastes good.

top, target ($7), jeans, ebay ($5), belt, H&M ($5), flats, target ($6)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Instead of Black and Tan

I tried cream and tan. I wanted to go for a secretary look today and somehow threw this ensemble together in about 5 minutes. I started with the shirt, and went from there. The tan with the gray seemed a little off, but then I threw on the cream skirt and it flowed. But let me tell you, those shoes were killing me. They were fine, but after 3 hours of standing at a teller line, my feet were screaming. By days end I was forcing myself not to hobble out of the bank. So note to self, don't wear these shoes unless I plan on only wearing and standing in them for 3 hours.

top, target ($7), skirt, thrifted ($4), belt, h&m ($5), and steven luxe shoes, dsw, ($12).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blissful Day of Shopping

I am not one to wear jeans, but today was one of those days I knew I'd be spending the afternoon roaming through a mall, where there would be full powered AC units. I absolutely hate it when the air conditioning is running at full speed, and if I'm not registering at a normal 98.6 degrees than I'm just not a happy camper.

It was a fun shopping excursion to say the least and I did find some great items. I'll be posting pics of them tomorrow. For now, here is a picture of today's outfit.

top, thrifted ($2), wideleg jeans, target ($7), maryjane platforms, forever 21 ($6)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Channeling the Deschanel

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My outfits don't necessarily follow the likes of celebrity trends, but I do find Zooey Deschanel's outfits crisp and fun. So I decided to channel her style when I made plans to see 500 Days of Summer. This soft vintage peach blouse was perfect for the occasion and the black skirt was just as flowy and soft.

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Blouse-thrifted ($2), Pleated skirt-thrifted ($3), belt-H&M ($5), Sandals-Ross (12)