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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally A New 'Do'!!!

My relationships with haircuts have been a little love/hate. I love getting a whole new look a couple of times a year, whether it's a dye job or fabulous cut, but I hate the costs to keep up such looks. Since November I've neglected to cut my bob and it grew out to be mousy overgrown mess (which is why I routinely put it up in a ponytail) so I decided it was finally time to put an end to the madness. Now that I'm posting pictures of myself for weardrobe and The Daily Fashionista, I wanted to freshen up the look a little. So, I got myself BANGS!! I haven't sported bangs since I was 17 and I'm so happy to be doing it again.

So the outfit is more for the kind of day I'm having. Casual and lowkey. I loved the jeans when I picked them up at the thriftstore, but neglected to look closely at the tag, which was ankle length flares. So I took the scissors to them and gave myself a new pair of shorts.

(side note, my sis and I went shopping a week ago and found a pair similar at American Eagle for...get this....$29.00!! When I wore these to her house today, she thought I went back to the mall to buy them! What am I crazy?!)

Blouse,Tjmaxx ($9) Shorts, once jeans ($2) Flip flops, H&M ($5) Necklace, grandma's, Bangle, Loemahns ($8)

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