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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watch Out Wednesday, Here I Come!!!

So Tuesday has come and gone and now it's time to bask in the glory that is Hump Day, also know as Wednesday. I wish I was excited but after a nice half day from work and now a full day, I'm a little down. Plus, so many things didn't get done yesterday because I was obsessed with learning how to make a granny square. I got it started but after that I was going crazy so I took a break. I'll pick it back up today though, I promise!


Wednesday is starting to look a little better. I found on NPR that they are allowing you to stream the entire She and Him album so I can decided if I really like it. So far so good. Zooey Deschanel has a very distinct voice. I have so many new albums I have to download! I've discovered The Swell Season, Coeur de Pirate, and well the list is pretty much endless.


Ok, so part of my half day was hanging out with the sis. Talking family stuff, life, work, and whatever else we could think of. This was the last time we'll be able to hang out during the week though. My lunch schedule is changing so I will be just missing her, when she comes to hang out at my apartment after her classes to watch the pup. I'm kinda bummed. It's nice to have someone to walk with when you take the dog for a walk. So these are probably the last pictures she'll be taking of me.


Have a great Wednesday everybody! Enjoy your day to the fullest:)

Shirt, H&M ($5) Cardigan, Forever21 ($7) Skirt, Thrifted ($5) Tights, RiteAide ($7) Heels, Buffalo Exchange ($5) Belt, Thrifted ($2)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ahoy Tuesday!!!

Ok, there is nothing pirate about my outfit, but I am just so happy to see Tuesday on the horizon. Not only is it Taco Tuesday (hangout with friends at fave Mexican place) but it's also my half day!! I use these days to meander around the mall for about an hour and relish in the fact that I don't have to go back to work after lunch!


Oh and I will also this free time to clean up some of my thrifted treasures. Some of them are a little yucky with dust and grime, but they are such awesome finds I don't mind the little bit of elbow grease to clean them up.


Or I may even go to the craftstore! I am delving into crochet and need a hook for my granny square attempts. There will be many attempts, but I am praying I don't give up and throw it away. I did that with knitting:( I've been looking for colorful and bright crocheted blankets, and decided, "why not just make my own?" It may help me keep busy for the next year and out of stores...hehehehe...yeah right!


Well, I sincerely hope that your Tuesday is a happy one! I certainly hope mine attains all it's suppose to be. We all know how our expectations can be a little out of reach, but today I'm optimistic!


Cardigan, thrifted ($3) Skirt, thrifted ($4) Green Tank, Forever21 ($2.50) Heeled Oxfords, Dillards, ($26)

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Weekend Recap

Uh-Oh! It's wasn't even 8am and I already received a text from my friend 'D'. She is the shopping aficionado I always talk about and my partner in crime when it comes to shopping. So she ended up coming to my place and then off to the thriftstore we went! Much to my hubby's delight (hehehe). I got a great 1960s coffee and tea set, a vintage Samsonite train case, and this dress, plus a couple of sweaters. All in all a good haul of things I've actually been on the lookout for! I am going to have to get a photoshoot with my new finds at some point this week.


And my outfit was another one of those, "i'm just gonna take it easy this morning and throw something fun on". I bought this Converse dress a few months ago, and it's been too chilly to throw it on since it's linen, so today seemed like the perfect time to wear it. But it was still a little too chilly so instead of tights (which may have just look weird) I threw on my jeggings, rolled them up, then added my chucks. Not rocket science, but comfy, casual, and a bit different.


And this is kind of off topic, but if you're a vegetarian and love tortilla soup, like I do, here's a great recipe! I made this for a get together with friends. My friend 'L' has been laid up with a dislocated knee for two weeks, so Zach and I came by and cooked dinner and then watched a very good movie/musical called Once, which stared the duo from The Swell Season. I absolutely love their music and had never heard of it!


Converse dress, thrifted new ($6) Jeggins, Thrifted ($2) Chucks, DSW ($40) Gold necklace, Grandma's (heirloom)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thrifty Land

I wish I could play a version of real life Candy Land (only it would be Thrifty Land) and I would go to the magical places like (The Lair of the Lamps) and find a tremendous fiberglass lamp shade, or (Designer Duds Dunes) and find all sorts of fabulous dresses and blouses. I have such a long list of things I have to have, whether they be antiques, vintage or new. I've been stalking Etsy for so long and I just keep getting this nagging feeling that I might be able to find the same thing while thrifting. But I guess my thriftstores just aren't that fab, or my friend 'D' snags something we're both looking for the day before I get there. Story of my life! Well today was pretty fruitful! I got there right after nine and the first thing I laid my eyes on was a brand new with tags Rodarte for Target dress!!!! I die! Plus it was my size so that was a bonus:) Then a perfect new pair of Gap skinny jeans, black patent heels, and a new spring skirt that will make it's debut for Easter. Unfortunatley, no lamp shade, no enamel ware, and no picture frames.


And for my errands I decided jeans would be my easy go-to item. They're comfy and all together it was a nice casual outfit. When I'm doing a lot of bending over and rummaging through tons of crap, I find I prefer jeans, since I won't flash anyone. It just makes sense to me.


Oh and last night Zach and I did something spontaneous and went to a bar/lounge to see a band we never heard of, but man we're they good!!! An Horse is doing a US tour right now until March 30 and if they happen to be in your neck of the woods you should check them out. And the bar was pretty sweet too. Very laid back, nice people and they specialize fish tacos.


Striped Boatneck, Thrifted ($1) Sweater, Forever21 ($16) Belt, H&M ($5) Boots, Ebay ($20)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dressed in 5 Minutes or Less

Is it really Friday? It seemed like this day was so far off in the distant. I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Friday again, and after that the week just seemed to drag. It didn't help that Thursday was our slowest day at the bank. I seriously thought I'd explode if a customer didn't come in. It's nice to actually have something productive to do, if you plan on working for 9 hours.


Well, now that it's Friday, it's time to start planning out the weekend. Already I have plans to see Greenberg with some friends and then I'll be visiting a friend who just had her first baby. I can hardly wait to see her daughter! And of course thrifting. I'm visiting my favorite Goodwill at 9am on Saturday:) They always have amazing stuff!



Alright, so my outfit was my attempt at trying to get dressed in 5 minutes or less since I was running a tad bit late again. I always get distracted by my Wendy Williams show and I end up being behind in my morning routine by a whole hour. Have I told you my guilty pleasure is the Wendy show? Yes, I am addicted. Anyways, I pulled the skirt out of my dresser and happened to spy my shiny blue shirt and thought, hmm... purple and navy? Sure! Then brought out the brown accessories to complete the look in 5 minutes. I actually liked it a lot too and got some compliments from some customers.



Oh and photo credits go to my sis again. She and I took a walk around the neighborhood at lunch time. We were cracking each other with our little comments and then some random person stops their car right in front of us for a whole 30 seconds. We were just standing there waiting for him to move along and then we started getting nervous. He was actually just waiting for a car to pass him before he moved on, but I was thinking, "Oh my God! I can't get kidnapped! I have to get back to work!". Wow am I paranoid. Oh well.

Blouse, Target ($10) Skirt, Thrifted ($3) Brown Belt, JCrew ($5) Flats, Target ($5) Liz Clairborn sunnies, TJMaxx ($10)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Enjoy Sunny Evenings

After a long day there is nothing I enjoy more than just going for a walk in my neighborhood. It's romantic just walking hand in hand with my favorite person and walking our dog. It makes me happy and thankful that I have this opportunity at the end of the day. It's such a great way to decompress and just have a good conversation with Zach. Normally we find ourselves doing our own thing on the computer and if we take time out of our day to really connect it just makes the day even that much better.


And since yesterday was so pretty and spring-like, I decided to wear a cute floral dress I had been saving for a couple of weeks. Thank god I decided to buy a slip to go under this dress because it was completely sheer. I almost didn't even notice it, when I picked it up and threw it in my basket, since I was so enamored with the print.


Oh and I was so in love with the weather yesterday that I couldn't believe that I had to spend it all day inside a big closed up bank. All day long I had customers coming in bragging about how nice it is outside and then saying, "oh you don't have windows! That's terrible, since the breeze is so pleasant". Yeah yeah yeah. Keep on bragging. But at least I enjoyed about 1 hour of sunlight when I got home.


Oh and this picture is pretty hilarious to me, since I have this silly smirk on my face. Zach totally caught me staring at some jogger running by us with no shirt on and of course he called me out on it. It was funny to both of us, since I rarely do that, but man! Another reason to love the nicer weather, I guess...hehehehe


So now, I guess I can't say anything if I catch his eyes wandering when we walk past another girl. But my mother in law says, "You can look at the menu, just don't buy anything." Words of wisdom:)


Dress, Thrifted ($2) Slip, Thrifted ($2) Flats, Target ($5) Jewelry, Grandma's (heirloom)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Back to Work and Out of Pajamas!

Oh My!!! Tuesday was one busy day! That's what happens when you miss a day I guess. It didn't help that my computer was malfunctioning all day long! I have that effect on most computers, unfortunately. I typically joke with our IT department that I'm just one big magnet, and that's why my computers go bonky. I've worked with my company for almost 3 years, and have gone through 3 computers!!! I'm sure that's a record. Anyways, it was just a bit of crazy for a Tuesday.


So here I am looking a little hippie again. I love the length of this dress and didn't even realize it was that length until I put on in the morning. The print is also great and was what drew me to the dress in the first place. I was meandering through Salvation Army and happened upon this dress and immediately threw it in my basket. That's why I enjoy thrifting so much. It's the hunt that keeps me going. I think tonight I'll be heading to Goodwill to search for some more springy clothes.


And while I'm on the topic of shopping, I am trying so hard to resist the urge to shop on Urban Outfitter's website. I just paid off two credit cards out of three, so I really need to just not think about it. It was funny because I was originally going to give up shopping for Lent (much to my husband's delight) but then I thought, "am I trying to kill myself?" I just couldn't do it. Does that make me addicted to shopping? Gee I hope not!


H&M dress, Thrifted ($4) Cardigan, Thrifted ($2) Belt, Thrifted ($2) Boots, Ebay ($20)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sick Day or Spring Cleaning Day

So Monday wasn't so bad. I did come down with a slight stomach virus, but it was all good by noon, so what did I do with the rest of my sick day? Well, I didn't go back to work, if that's what your thinking. No, I decided a little spring cleaning was in order. Although I wasn't feeling totally back to normal I took breaks throughout the day and neglected to change out of my pajamas, but I did end up putting a dent in some much needed apartment maintenance. All the while listening to a favorite album of mine by The Riverdales.


And to commemorate the occasion I decided instead of outfit photos (because, who really wants to see what I look like in yoga pants and an ugly tee shirt) I would take pictures of my decorated and clean apartment! I am no interior designer by any stretch, but I do know what I like (vintage and retro) so that basically encompasses my decor choices. So hopefully you like what you see!



This was a project from Style School that I finished a couple of weeks ago. It took me awhile to find the right kinds of milk glass vases. I'm very particular about milk glass, since I love it so much!



And of course the dining room which we try to use at least once a week. Normally we find ourselves eating out for dinner, but I make sure we use this place on Thursdays.


Another style school project was the inspiration board. This was my favorite and it's usually a topic of conversation during parties or get togethers. Oh and my favorite thrift find of all time has to be my mid century credenza. It's the perfect place to hide my crafting supplies.


Oh and I'm proud to say that my dresser typically looks like this all the time. I try not to pile things on top of it because of all the perfume bottles. Nobody wants spilled bottles of perfume and having the house smell like a french whore house (as my friend's mother use to say when we were 13 playing with the perfumes at the cosmetic counters at Target). We would smell awful!!!



And just so we're clear, I never make my bed. My dad used to make me do it military style everyday so now that I'm an adult it's my one little rebellion (that and my tattoo which I got on my 18th birthday).


My collection of mid century kitchen ware is ever growing. It's my new passion, aside from fashion.


So there you have it! A little snippit of my daily surroundings.

A Walk Through the Gardens


Well, as expected, Sunday was a beautiful day outside and Zach and I were able to have a cute romantic picnic and a walk through the gardens. It was extra romantic because we were walking around the gardens where we got married and it just brought back really nice memories.


Even though the weather was fabulous, we forgot that nothing would be blooming except for some magnolia trees. But it was still pretty scenery. As we were walking through a garden of trees I noticed the little buds on the trees were sprouting leaves, and I got so excited! I love that the trees will be blooming so soon!


We got so many pictures and a nice woman photographing the magnolia trees noticed us and asked if we wanted her to take a picture of us together. That never happens! I love pictures of Zach and I together but we get a little shy asking complete strangers to take our pictures, so when someone offered, how could we refuse! It was very nice of her and this picture will be going right into my new Liberty of London picture frame:)


Ok, and I know my outfit was a little lackluster, but I knew we'd be doing some heavy duty walking and this was my favorite springtime blouse and my Converse are always my go to comfort shoe. I like it, but I feel like a straw hat would lent itself well to the whole ensemble. I guess that will be the next lookout item I will need to find while shopping (like I need to do anymore of that!) with my friend 'D'.


Blouse, Thrifted ($2) Skirt, OldNavy (gift) Converse, DSW ($40) Coral necklace, Ghent Boutique ($14)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back Bay Beautiful

This weekend has proved to be the most fruitful in a long time. We decided that we would make the most of this weekend and boy did we!!


Friday night I hung out with 'D' and of course we did what we do best and went shopping! Target to be exact, to begin hunting for our collection of Liberty of London stuff. I walked away with some dishes and this tunic I'm wearing. When I saw it I immediately thought of beach weather, which prompted a trip to Back Bay.


Back Bay is probably the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to! It has to stay clean since it's a wildlife refuge and the animals need to stay happy and healthy. It was great weather, but just a tad too chilly for just laying on the beach. Even though it was 75 degrees, the wind was so strong that it kept it pretty cool as opposed to warm. We stayed there for about an hour and just sat, since the sand was the warmest thing about the beach that day.




After Back Bay we headed to this place called Skinny Dip, which is a delicious frozen yogurt place, and engorged ourselves on some Mound flavored frozen yogurt. I couldn't think of anything else that would've tasted better and it was so guilt free! I think I've discovered my favorite food:)


Then a trip to Trader Joes was in order. I typically go there to buy healthy snack foods since the supermarkets in my area specialize in white flour and refined sugar snacks, and since I'm a big proponent for healthy foods, Trader Joes is usually a place I will drive 40 minutes to shop at. I know they will have exactley what I'm looking for. And what was I looking for? Lentil and potato crisps (super yummy), a guacamole kit, dried bananas, and meatless meatballs. In addition, they have an awesome beer selection. We picked up a pretty cheap beer called Simpler Times and at $3.99 for a six pack, I'm praying that it doesn't resemble the flavor of Natural Light..ick!


And of course a wonderful warm day would be nothing until we could eat outside. We stopped by one of favorite restaurants (San Antonio Sams) for dinner and drinks and sat on the patio enjoying the warmth and the people watching. I had an amazing chili relleno with faux taco meat, beans, and covered in fake cheese. They specialize in lots of vegetarian menu items, so I can go in there without needing to order a veggie burger.


So today's plans? I think we're heading to Target (again ?! I know but Zach needs clothes too) and then having a picnic lunch at the botanical gardens. These beautiful days are few and far between here. It's usually rainy or extremely hot and humid. We hardly have a middle ground, as far as weather is concerned.

Tunic, Target ($24) Jeans, Charlotte Russe ($20) Sandles, TJMaxx ($20) Belt, Thrifted ($2) Bracelet, Lia Sophia ($26)