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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back Bay Beautiful

This weekend has proved to be the most fruitful in a long time. We decided that we would make the most of this weekend and boy did we!!


Friday night I hung out with 'D' and of course we did what we do best and went shopping! Target to be exact, to begin hunting for our collection of Liberty of London stuff. I walked away with some dishes and this tunic I'm wearing. When I saw it I immediately thought of beach weather, which prompted a trip to Back Bay.


Back Bay is probably the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to! It has to stay clean since it's a wildlife refuge and the animals need to stay happy and healthy. It was great weather, but just a tad too chilly for just laying on the beach. Even though it was 75 degrees, the wind was so strong that it kept it pretty cool as opposed to warm. We stayed there for about an hour and just sat, since the sand was the warmest thing about the beach that day.




After Back Bay we headed to this place called Skinny Dip, which is a delicious frozen yogurt place, and engorged ourselves on some Mound flavored frozen yogurt. I couldn't think of anything else that would've tasted better and it was so guilt free! I think I've discovered my favorite food:)


Then a trip to Trader Joes was in order. I typically go there to buy healthy snack foods since the supermarkets in my area specialize in white flour and refined sugar snacks, and since I'm a big proponent for healthy foods, Trader Joes is usually a place I will drive 40 minutes to shop at. I know they will have exactley what I'm looking for. And what was I looking for? Lentil and potato crisps (super yummy), a guacamole kit, dried bananas, and meatless meatballs. In addition, they have an awesome beer selection. We picked up a pretty cheap beer called Simpler Times and at $3.99 for a six pack, I'm praying that it doesn't resemble the flavor of Natural Light..ick!


And of course a wonderful warm day would be nothing until we could eat outside. We stopped by one of favorite restaurants (San Antonio Sams) for dinner and drinks and sat on the patio enjoying the warmth and the people watching. I had an amazing chili relleno with faux taco meat, beans, and covered in fake cheese. They specialize in lots of vegetarian menu items, so I can go in there without needing to order a veggie burger.


So today's plans? I think we're heading to Target (again ?! I know but Zach needs clothes too) and then having a picnic lunch at the botanical gardens. These beautiful days are few and far between here. It's usually rainy or extremely hot and humid. We hardly have a middle ground, as far as weather is concerned.

Tunic, Target ($24) Jeans, Charlotte Russe ($20) Sandles, TJMaxx ($20) Belt, Thrifted ($2) Bracelet, Lia Sophia ($26)


  1. so cute! I love that belt! I wish I was at the beach

  2. Cute - it looks beautiful there!

    CC xXx

  3. Beautiful photos! You're so lucky to be that close to a beach. I LOVE the beach!

  4. Mmm Skinny Dip is amazing! Mounds with coconut and white chocolate chips.. mmmm...! If you mix Reeses with strawberry it tastes like a PBJ!

  5. I love the print of your top! Your weekend sounded sunny and bright!