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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mixing Things Up!

I am delving into some print mixing territory for work today. I try to be a little more reserved for work, but today was balls to the walls crazy for my co-workers. I love being a little more free with my looks on the weekend, so I thought I'd take that feeling with me to the office! I just wish you could notice the prints a little better. I guess the lighting wasn't my friend today. But the top is a gingham black and white plaid and the skirt has a light tan swirly floral pattern.


And I'm gonna give props to my sister for taking these photos. She did a great job and was really helpful in directing me on what to do. And she even took the time to do this while she's on Spring break!


Oh and to top of my awesome day I discovered the cool little farmers market does this thing 3 days a week where you can buy two full meals completely made with organic items for $10! And they have vegetarian options in addition to hearty meat options! So I had a fabulous cabbage roll made with rice, currants, onions, and and cinnamon sauce along with mixed veggies, and Zach had a meatloaf with mashed rutabagas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. It was heaven and I can finally give up being a slave to the kitchen 3 times a week!





  1. LOVING this outfit! I think it is one of my favorites to date- they way you layered everything and belted that cardigan is absolutely perfect!

    Hope you have a great wkend.

  2. i really like the slightly dressier than normal chambray... you don't usually see it styled like that, it looks really good!