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Monday, March 1, 2010

Yay!!! First Giveaway !!!

Who all is ready for spring and all that blooms with beauty!!! I am for sure!!! Even though I still have a good while before the weather starts becoming cheery and pretty, I figured I'd get a head start with the Spring Themed Giveaway!!! I picked a few items from Love21 that remind me of all the things I love about spring.


Here are the rules!!!

1. Write a comment about your favorite spring memory is
2. Follow me
3. Please leave me your email address in the comment section

And I'm sorry but this giveaway can only be offered to US readers. I hope my next giveaway might be international though. Contest ends on Friday, March 5.

Oh and in case you all might wonder what my favorite spring memory is, I would say it has to be the time my parents took my sister and I to see the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC and then proceeded to take a walk to the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. It was cold, but the blossoms were so pretty and course when I was 9 years old pink was my favorite color.


  1. My favorite thing to do during the spring is to take walks through the park and enjoy eating my lunch outside in the sun.

    I am a follower!

  2. Ah its a shame that it's only for US bloggers as those items look sooooo cute - im jealous of the winner already :)

    I look forward to your next giveaway though :D

    My fave spring memory is playing on my bike in the coolish sunshine!

    CC xXx

  3. Giveaway??? I love a giveaway--please enter me! I'm especially liking all these flowery/girly spring goodies you picked out. Woowee!
    Your spring memory of the cherry blossoms in DC is cute, and sweet. Hmmmmm my fondest spring memory--probably the first warm day of spring-in college we'd all skip class and just hang out at the student center out in the sun all day (except for me, I was a goody-goody so I went to class, then met! I play by the rules sometimes). But yes, the first warm day of spring always brings back great memories of me and my buds back in college (I'm getting old!)


  4. My favorite Spring memory is from my first Spring in NYC. It meant I made it through my first Yankee winter! Cute, cute stuff!

  5. I love the items!! I live in California, but my favorite spring memory: Visiting my relatives in Toronto and watching the snow melt in the sun! I go there often in the spring and its lovely.



  6. Oh you're reminding me the cherry blossoms will be here soon and I'm looking forward to it! One memory that is coming to mind is when the trees and plants were just exploding with color last year and it was so fun to walk around and revel in it.

  7. My favorite Spring memory would be a trip to Charleston with my boyfriend.

  8. My favorite spring memory would have to be last year, my first year in Virginia, when I saw the leaves and flowers come to life! I'm originally from Florida, so I had no idea how wonderful the changing of the seasons can be!


  9. My favorite spring memory was my honeymoon last year. We drove down the ca coast to a beautiful town and spent the days wine tasting, dining and not worrying about anything. Cute giveaway, I'm totally planning one when I get 50 followers.

  10. Ooh, my favorite spring memory is probably when Brett and I had just purchased two new scooters.. and it was around 6 pm, gorgeous outside.. and we were living in this hodunk town, still newlyweds.. and we drove down to this totally redneck pizza place and just giggled the whole way about houses that collected school buses and junk cars in their front yard. It's probably one of my favorite memories ever.. just from the atmosphere. You know? I feel like moments like that define you.

    Anywho, thanks for the giveaway girl!

  11. oh my goodness this giveaway is amazing! whoever wins this will definitely be ready for spring!

    my favorite spring always the first day that it is warm enough to go to the beach. just seeing the beach after months and months of cold winter is one of the best feelings of the world :)

  12. I love giveaways!! :)
    My fav spring memory is waking around on campus. Even though it is still pretty chilly the people around here make it soo colorful and vibrant!

    pallavinr (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. My favorite spring memory is when I would go outside to play when I was little and walk through the tall grass & flowers in the field in my backyard! so pretty :)

  14. My favorite spring memory is my birthday in 1st Grade. I remember wearing my new pink sort s and it being very warm out and my friends coming over for my party!
    <3 Dana
    reach me at:

  15. I'd have to say that my favorite spring memory happened at the very turn of the season; during midterms, a girlfriend and myself found ourselves stressed to the limit. Out of the blue, I called her on Thursday night and told her to make sure she was free on Friday after our classes ended at 1:00. Together, the two of us made the 5 hour drive to Charleston (from Athens, Georgia) and spent the night in one of the sketchiest (20 bucks a night!) hotels I have ever stayed in. It was amazing. While our friends were having a boring day back home, stressing about their grades, we spent the following morning eating our breakfast on the beach, shopping a little in downtown Charleston, and shucking oysters in the middle of the historical district. We drove back that Saturday night so she could still work her night shift and despite being seriously car-lagged, I don't think I have ever had such a simple, sweet and fun "vacation." I can't imagine Charleston ever being that wonderful in the summer; the weather made our little beach trip the perfect opportunity to walk around in cute summer dresses on an abandoned shore- you know, the kind of scene you only see in the movies.

    Thank you for reminding me of such a wonderful time.