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Monday, March 8, 2010

More Gorgeous Days?

Wow, I am loving this Spring-like weather at the moment. Last Friday I was reading all of these blog entries about the lovely Spring weather and I was left wondering, "why not I?" Well I guess the warm front decided to meander toward Virginia because it's been spectacular these past couple of days and it's just going to get better! And since it was light outside when I got home from work, I had to take advantage of the evening sunset and take some pics.


And today couldn't have been a more enjoyable day at work. All of my favorite customers came in and chatted, and the customers I couldn't stand didn't come in at all! I'm kidding, but not really;)


I also spent part of my day lounging with my friend/co-worker on her car while we waited for a chance to work on our ATM. It was so nice outside and it gave us a chance to just relax for about 10 minutes and soak up some vitamin D.


And at this very moment my happy moment is consisting of listening to Hem while munching on vegetable lo mein. Have you all heard Hem? I've been obsessed with this song from the Nationwide commercials and Zach finally located who performs the song and it's just so relaxing of a cd. Great for lounging, probably not so much for driving on a road trip.


Enjoy your happy moments throughout the days when they happen. And hopefully everybody's Monday was happy one.


H&M Blouse, Thrifted ($3) Crinkle Skirt, Thrifted ($2) Magenta Tights, RiteAid ($7) Grey Cardigan, NYandCo (Gift) Black Flats, Target ($5)


  1. The warm weather was like a blanket straight from the dryer, no? It's amazing how much promise a day of sun can bring. :)

  2. love this outfit! I just love the way colored tights look....but they make my legs itchy! I don't know why...I must be allergic. bummer

  3. such pretty light on your hurrr! I want to see a video of that little hotdog of a canine running. Please and thank you :)

  4. cute outfit! I love all the spring looks and I am so glad the weather has been cooperating :) It's been very nice here in Texas the past days...I hope it stays like this!

  5. I'm loving all of your outside shots, girl! Your bright tights lately are super cute, and what the girl said in the last post.. definitely jealous she doesn't have legs like yours! Love the blouse too!