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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Making Time to Smell the Roses


Oh boy, Tuesday was incredibly eventful and I wish I had time to smell the roses. I woke up late and had to throw something together in about 4 minutes and those kinds of mornings are torture to me. My original plan was to flip through a magazine and try to find something that would resignate with me and try to recreate it through my closet. That rarely happens when you wake up late and have to try to hit the grocery store before going into work at 8:30!


Once at work it was time to hit the grindstone and I was working a mile a minute with no moment for thought. It was one of those days, I guess, but it just kept dragging because I was looking forward to going a fun dinner.


Zach and I were invited over for a dinner with a new friend and his wife and it was so good! Homemade lagsana and salad was all my tummy needed after my long day. Plus, it was so refreshing to talk with such a great couple and just hang out.


So yes Tuesday was a crazy day for me, and I am so glad I can use Wednesday to decompress and just relax. Once I get home from work I'm taking my pup and my husband for a nice long walk.


Old Navy Blouse, Swapped (free) Skirt, Thrifted ($5) Wedges, Thrifted ($5)


  1. wait, this is what you threw together in 4min? It looks pretty darn great if you ask me. I can never get ready in 4min....I am secretly high maintenance although I try to make it one of those "takes so long to get ready to look like she didn't get ready" type of things; ok the secret is out! I just wish I could get ready as fast as you--and eat some homeade lasagna too!

  2. Agreed, for getting ready so fast you always look so put together! How do you do it?! I always get frustrated and throw something ridiculous on and end up changing later haah!

  3. Wow, cute look for such a short time you took to put it together! AND you still had time to get photos together! Well done. x