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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thrifty Land

I wish I could play a version of real life Candy Land (only it would be Thrifty Land) and I would go to the magical places like (The Lair of the Lamps) and find a tremendous fiberglass lamp shade, or (Designer Duds Dunes) and find all sorts of fabulous dresses and blouses. I have such a long list of things I have to have, whether they be antiques, vintage or new. I've been stalking Etsy for so long and I just keep getting this nagging feeling that I might be able to find the same thing while thrifting. But I guess my thriftstores just aren't that fab, or my friend 'D' snags something we're both looking for the day before I get there. Story of my life! Well today was pretty fruitful! I got there right after nine and the first thing I laid my eyes on was a brand new with tags Rodarte for Target dress!!!! I die! Plus it was my size so that was a bonus:) Then a perfect new pair of Gap skinny jeans, black patent heels, and a new spring skirt that will make it's debut for Easter. Unfortunatley, no lamp shade, no enamel ware, and no picture frames.


And for my errands I decided jeans would be my easy go-to item. They're comfy and all together it was a nice casual outfit. When I'm doing a lot of bending over and rummaging through tons of crap, I find I prefer jeans, since I won't flash anyone. It just makes sense to me.


Oh and last night Zach and I did something spontaneous and went to a bar/lounge to see a band we never heard of, but man we're they good!!! An Horse is doing a US tour right now until March 30 and if they happen to be in your neck of the woods you should check them out. And the bar was pretty sweet too. Very laid back, nice people and they specialize fish tacos.


Striped Boatneck, Thrifted ($1) Sweater, Forever21 ($16) Belt, H&M ($5) Boots, Ebay ($20)


  1. you look adorable and comfy!

  2. I am on a mad hunt for a black and white striped long sleeve tee and tank - this shirt is making me rage with jealousy :)

    I really love this look a ton - it's so SO flattering on you. I can't get over how amazing you look in those jeans! Girl got legs :)

  3. Nice thrift finds! That target Rodarte dress is one you can brag about for a while.

    Great outfit too. I always wear jeans/pants when I go thrifting. It is important to not be restricted in movement. Thrift store shopping is a sport!

  4. This looks so put-together. Every time I see those boots I think, "So chic."

  5. Lately I've been finding that the simpler, seemingly casual but still pulled together looks appeal to me the most. Outfits that don't look like you spent an hour working on it.. basically what you've got here. And I echo Kyla... check out your PINS! ow ow! Ps.. thanks for showing me up with the 1$ shirt.. I was so proud of myself for finding not one but THREE skirts AND a dress for 2$ each yesterday.. just had to steal my thunder huh?

  6. love this!!

  7. Loveee this! The belted cardigan is darling!

  8. haha I totally love the thriftyland/candyland comparison! Awesome! I love the stripes in your outfit too! :)