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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sick Day or Spring Cleaning Day

So Monday wasn't so bad. I did come down with a slight stomach virus, but it was all good by noon, so what did I do with the rest of my sick day? Well, I didn't go back to work, if that's what your thinking. No, I decided a little spring cleaning was in order. Although I wasn't feeling totally back to normal I took breaks throughout the day and neglected to change out of my pajamas, but I did end up putting a dent in some much needed apartment maintenance. All the while listening to a favorite album of mine by The Riverdales.


And to commemorate the occasion I decided instead of outfit photos (because, who really wants to see what I look like in yoga pants and an ugly tee shirt) I would take pictures of my decorated and clean apartment! I am no interior designer by any stretch, but I do know what I like (vintage and retro) so that basically encompasses my decor choices. So hopefully you like what you see!



This was a project from Style School that I finished a couple of weeks ago. It took me awhile to find the right kinds of milk glass vases. I'm very particular about milk glass, since I love it so much!



And of course the dining room which we try to use at least once a week. Normally we find ourselves eating out for dinner, but I make sure we use this place on Thursdays.


Another style school project was the inspiration board. This was my favorite and it's usually a topic of conversation during parties or get togethers. Oh and my favorite thrift find of all time has to be my mid century credenza. It's the perfect place to hide my crafting supplies.


Oh and I'm proud to say that my dresser typically looks like this all the time. I try not to pile things on top of it because of all the perfume bottles. Nobody wants spilled bottles of perfume and having the house smell like a french whore house (as my friend's mother use to say when we were 13 playing with the perfumes at the cosmetic counters at Target). We would smell awful!!!



And just so we're clear, I never make my bed. My dad used to make me do it military style everyday so now that I'm an adult it's my one little rebellion (that and my tattoo which I got on my 18th birthday).


My collection of mid century kitchen ware is ever growing. It's my new passion, aside from fashion.


So there you have it! A little snippit of my daily surroundings.


  1. My nanna used to have a load of glasses like those - my mum has them now all collecting dust!!

    CC xXx

  2. What a cute home you have! I love your modern decor, and it's really neat to see where you live. I also don't make my bed :)


  3. Found your blog through Song of the Exile...and...(drumroll please) I have a ginormous collection of milk glass that is sitting in boxes in my attic!
    I have been collecting it for almost 15 years, and it just doesn't work with my current decor...maybe some of it could find itself a good home????

    Eleanor - Shopping The Closet

  4. Your apartment is so darn cute! I love the vintage flair. And I think you made a good decision. I mean why not be productive on your sick day?

  5. i love it! u've decorated ur house nicely! :)

  6. I'm going to have to do a post on my house soon. You've inspired me!

    Awesome blog, btw. Saw it on Tieka's page.