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Friday, April 29, 2011



Happy Friday!!  Boy this day took forever to get here.  Nothing truly spectacular ever happens to me on a Friday, but it's just a nice time to realize that I've made it!  This week was a strange one.  I'm going to be getting used to a lot of change in my workplace due to new people coming in  and old co-workers moving on and it's just a little odd.  You get used to working with the same people for so long, and when someone moves on it feels kind of empty.  I'm lucky enough that I get along very well with my co-workers I suppose. 



Aside from boring stuff like work, I did enjoy a fabulous thrifting trip with my good friend Diane:)  Vintage galore!!  And for super cheap.  I got a fantastic 60s dress for a mere $1.25.  That is insane, really.  The only downside to thrifting, was the store closed the dressing rooms an hour before they closed the shop.  How in the world could they do that?  So we took to the bathrooms and decided to try on in there.  We were promptly told no, but we could try stuff on over our clothes in the hallway.  That was incredibly annoying, but whatever. 



So let me tell you, just how many inappropriate mishaps I had with this dress.  Flowy jersey + windy conditions = wardrobe malfunction.  I just had to pretend that not a single soul saw my rear-end and then I saved face.  But at least my dress was pretty!  Haha!!  Because that's all that matters;) 


Olive Jacket, Thrifted
NYandCo Dress, Thrifted
Payless Platforms, Thrifted
Turquoise Necklace, Vintage Shop

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Hour of Solitude


By the grace of God the other day, I actually got the chance to enjoy a brief hour of solitude with my dog right before I went to class.  Usually my Mondays are early mornings at work till 6 pm and then promptly I'm swifted away to class, only to return home at 9pm.  This particular Monday I got off an hour early and I was allowed to enjoy a bit of sunshine and a nice walk around our neighborhood park.  Then I had to go to class and was put back in my sour mood.  Anyways, since I had this nice hour I even went ahead and took some outfit photos.  




I really loved the relaxed look to my outfit.  I wore this to work actually and it just made me feel good all day.  The blouse was breezy and loose, the skirt was a perfect length and of course I had to include my all time favorite shoes. I'm afraid you all will get sick of these loafers, before I do.   And to be honest, I only wear them so much because they're so comfy and seem to make my legs appear leaner.  I'm vain that way, I guess;)


Vintage DVF bloues, Thrifted
American Eagle Skirt, Thrifted
Vintage Loafers, Thrifted
Opal Necklace, Found in Parking Lot
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Liz Claiborne Sunnies, TJ Maxx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Al Fresco Date Night

Mexican embroidered tunic

I love me a good date night!  Who doesn't really?  Usually Zach's and my ole standby for dinner may be a frozen pizza and maybe a salad.  But when it's time for something special we always find ourselves walking to our favorite food group.  Mediterranean!!  There is a plethora of different types of restaurants right at our finger tips and as long as its a nice day it will be complete with al fresco dining!
vintage tunic

teal wedges

Trying to find something nice to wear on date night can be quite the conundrum when the mister doesn't plan on dressing up.  I don't want to show him up so usually I just pair heels and jeans and I'm set.  Of course tonight was no exception.  He wanted to wear shorts and t-shirt and I wanted to wear my vintage tunic sweater.  I've had this sweater for about 2 years and I am finally getting the chance to wear it!  It's odd because it's a sweater but its also really light so the only real opportunity I get to wear it is when the weather is hovering around 65 or 70 degrees.  Do you all have any particular item of clothing that is only conducive to a specific weather?

denim trousers


And for the record I had the most fantastic eggplant wrap with a salad and hummus:)  It was so delicious!

recycled plastic bags

Vintage Sweater, Buffalo Exchange
Jeans, Thrifted
Teal Sandals, Payless--like 4 years ago!
Recycled Plastic Bag Purse, Gift from Uncle N.  Love it!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sitting in My Window

sheer dress

Remember all those years ago when your parents would take you out shopping for Easter dresses?  I do.  I remember one particular Easter I wanted to wear a super frilly dress covered in huge Hydrangeas.  Why yes, I was rocking a floral like nobody's business.  If only I could find that picture of me proudly holding my Easter basket wearing said dress.  It's quite the embarressing photo so maybe I'm grateful that I can't find it:)

pale pink dress

vintage wedges

easter best

This Easter I decided to wear a pretty 30s inspired dress that I found at Plato's Closet about 3 months ago.  The sheerness of it was quite shocking so I made sure to wear a slip under it and pair it with vintage accessories.  The wedges were just begging to be paired with it and then my dark brown straw clutch were a nice contrast to the sheer pinkness of the fabric.  At least in my mind's eye it seemed to go really well.

side bun

And here you get a nice glimpse into my livingroom window sill.  I swear I find our windows to be our best feature of our apartment.  They're so large and the window sill is so deep which makes it easy to sit on it's ledge.  Here's a fun fact too!  I have a large vintage swivel chair in my living and when it's nice and warm and sunny I'll sit with the windows wide open sitting in my chair drinking iced tea.  It's sort of like my version of a porch.  Hehehe..

vintage straw clutch

I Heart Ronson Dress, Plato's Closet
Vintage Wedges, The Friendly Fox
Necklace, Forever21
Earrings, Acute Designs
Vintage Clutch, Thrifted

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Shead a Tear over a Tear

 denim jacket

Hello folks!  This outfit is so bitter sweet to me.  Let me explain.  First I was wearing the most beautiful white eyelet wrap dress I've ever found.  It fit perfectly, had the best shade of white, and was a very retro inspired dress shape.  It looked fantastic!!  I also refashion a vintage slip to wear underneath it and then ironed out the dress to make sure it looked just right.  And then, as I was leaving the bedroom, my dress caught on a piece of a door lock and ripped.  I seriously cried tears.  It's just a dress, but something about it just seemed like the perfect summer time frock.  And it was the perfect day to give it a go.  Anyways, Zach helped compose me and suggested I wear this dress.

thrifted sundress

vintage flats

pretty tree

Although I had hoped for the perfect spring/summer frock to wear while vintage shopping, I still had a nice summer dress waiting in the wings.  All I had to do was switch up my jewelry and I was good to go.  Oh and throw on a denim jacket since I'm a weirdo and hate wearing strapless dresses.  I feel half naked walking around without something on my shoulders! haha!!

vintage camera bag


Gap denim jacket

All in all it was fantastic day full of warm sunshine, taking a trip to Williamsburg with Rebecca, and then later biking with Zach to a cute park in Norfolk and then to a new beer joint called The Birch.  Of course The Birch would've been closed since it was Easter weekend.  So I guess we'll have to fill our growler another day. 

vintage rings

Denim Jacket, Gap
Sundress, Thrifted
Vintage Flats, Thrifted
Vintage Camera Bag, Thrifted
Rings, Vintage Shops

I am going to try and fix this dress tomorrow.  It's about a 2 inch rip right through the eyelets and hopefully I can give it a try.  Crossing my fingers!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of Those Days


Ever have one of those days?  You know, those days?  Today was the kind of day where I just wanted it to be the weekend.  It was a terribly long day at work, complete with a beautiful day outside.  It would've been great to have the day off and take my doggie to the park and let her play with other dogs, rather than her being cooped up all day too.  Oh well, I can't have it all! hehe..




What usually turns my frown upside down is wearing something that puts me in a good mood.  I think that's correct for most people.  And what put me in a good mood was this cute little plaid dress that is Converse for Target.  It finally fits me better, since I've lost a few pounds since buying it, so automatically it puts me in a happy mood!  Plus I paired it with my new Steve Madden wedges that immidiatley caught my eye while thrifting last week.  And not only are they new to me, they are new period.  Not even a scuff on the bottom of these shoes.  Don't you love that?! 


Converse Dress, NWT Thrifted
Black Cardi, Thrifted
Steve Madden Peeptoes, Thrifted
Cameo Necklace and Sunnies, Forever21

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bowtie Necklace Giveaway Winner!


Thanks again for entering!!!  I'll be emailing the winner and contacting Holly tonight!

A Lovely Day will Warm the Soul


I truly believe that Spring is finally going to stick around these parts in Virginia now!  Thank you Mother Nature!!  I'm sleeping with the windows open people!!  And now that it's becoming a little too warm to wear tights with my dresses now, I am finding that I need to walk around with pasty white legs.  With bruises no less!!  I am not one to go outside and sit in the sun and/or going to the tanning bed so I think I need to find myself some sunless tanner.  No need to burn the retinas of people I pass by on the street:)  If you know of a particular brand that you like, please let me know!




To combat the pasty white leg syndrome I am trying to wear brighter colors to give the appearance of a glow...I think I'm kidding myself here, so just amuse me;) I chose to put on a bright yellow top with my bright blue denim skirt.  And of course I was feeling quite springy so I put on my straw hat again and then paired it with a funky vintage necklace.  The necklace was an awesome find that I got while shopping in Cuyahoga Falls in this sweet little vintage shop called Secret Past.  The owner was the absolute sweetest lady and I wish I lived in Cuyahoga just so I could shop exclusively at her store.  It's tiny, packed, and chaotic, but her selection totally made up for it!  



****The winner of the Giveaway will be announce and emailed tonight!!****

Mustard Tee, Thrifted
Vintage Denim Skirt, Thrifted and hemmed
Vintage Belts, Thrifted
Vintage Sandals, Little Ocean Annie
Necklace, Secret Past

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Morgan-esque

vintage feather blouse

If you haven't discovered Morgan and Lua by now, most definitley you've been living in a hole;)  Hehee...okay maybe not, but her presence in the blogosphere is very abundant and I've been reading her blog posts almost a whole year, since she started.  I was introduced to her through Merl's blog Clyde's Rebirth, so its no surpise that Merl and Morgan would team up for a giveaway.  Plus Lisa from Tree and Kimball!  The rules?  Posting your most Morgan-eque look.  Her look is simple, chic, and always pulled together.  She kind of reminds me of a modern Katharine Hepburn.

skinny jeans

nude brogues

cropped military jacket

Plus she has the most adorable dog in the whole world (well maybe second to my own dog...but I am way biased!!).  Her dog Lua is about as prevalent in her blog post, as her outfit is.  Morgan and Lua go together like Captain and Tennile, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Tea and Milk,...okay, you get the idea, right?   

spring day

So my main goal in making my most Morgan-esque look was to have cuffed jeans, brogues, and my adorable pup.  My "adorable" pup was being quite the diva and I only got a few pics with her acting like a sane dog.  She's quirky, lets just leave it at that! Haha!! 

Vintage Feathered Blouse, Buffalo Exchange
Skinny Jeans, Plato's Closet
Nude Brogues by Steve Madden, Plato's Closet
Olive Jacket, Thrifted
Bracelets, 2nd from Co-worker

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to Play Musical Accessories

Tieka's scarf

About a month ago Jasmine had the fun idea to trade music with a few other bloggers and also trade pretty accessories to style up:)  It was named Musical Accessories.  Sounded fun to me!!  The first item I received was from Tieka's closet.  Here is how Jasmine styled it first!  I had fun with the textures of the scarf and wanted to incorporate it into a very spring-like ensemble, yet still stay casual for a weekend of romping around.  And by romping around I mean taking a trip to Target and visiting the duckies.

floral blouse

heritage 1981

And of course, if you're familiar with Tieka's blog, you know that she is very well versed in music.  I had so much fun listening to her mix and will need to have one more listen before I send it off to Kate to appreciate.  I love An Horse, Grand National, Tegan and Sara, Minus the Bear, and pretty much everything else.

vintage loafers

The weather was looking super stormy so I wanted to hurry up and get pictures before the sky opened up.  So on our way home from Target we took a detour to a popular area in Norfolk with a pretty canal and gardens.  We jumped out and started taking photos in super windy conditions and then noticed the adorable ducks swimming by.  Zach took that opportunity to take a ton of photos for his first GIF file.

And then we made another one!  I loved the way the wind was moving my hair and the scarf.  The breeze felt so awesome on the warm day and the ominous clouds just added to the mystique. 

vintage camera bag

Oh and a couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway from Ramblings of a Small Town Girl and received a cute package from Acute Designs. I love the pretty barrettes and will most definitley be buying more.  They hold my hair really well and look fabulous!

acute designs

Floral Blouse, Thrifted
Heritage 1981 Jeans, Plato's Closet
Vintage Loafers, Thrifted
Scarf, Tieka's
Vintage Camera Bag, Thrifted