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Monday, April 4, 2011

Much Ado About Akron

vintage cardigan

What does one wear to the Katharine Hepburn exhibit at a fashion museum in Kent?  Well I guess one would wear something inspired by the fabulous actress herself!  Katharine Hepburn basically paved the way for women to start feeling comfortable in pants/slacks, so that was the route I took with my outfit.  I didn't want to take such a literal direction with my outfit, but I basically only had the clothes I took with me to Ohio and this outfit seemed like the right kind of thing to wear.  I added a nice vintage blouse and grandpa cardigan and then threw on my trusty loafers.  The silhouette I was aiming for was this Grace Kelly outfit that she wore at the end of Rear Window.  I loved that outfit!!! 

inspired by Grace Kelly

inspired by katharine hepburn

vintage hat

As far as our day went, we already visited an MC Escher exhibit in downtown Akron, which was spectacular.  You could spend all day trying to figure out how this artist created his prints with such imagination and the geometry is pretty amazing in itself.  Next we then headed out to the Katharine Hepburn exhibit at Kent and I wandered into the fashion school to see what it looked like.  I started dreaming about the possibility of going back to school and doing something in fashion.  That would definitley be something I'd want to turn into realty.

vintage loafers

heritage 1981
Grandpa Cardigan, Thrifted
Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg Blouse, Thrifted
Vintage Loafers, Thrifted
Vintage Hat, Thrifted
Jewelry, 2nd Hand from Co-worker

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