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Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of Those Days


Ever have one of those days?  You know, those days?  Today was the kind of day where I just wanted it to be the weekend.  It was a terribly long day at work, complete with a beautiful day outside.  It would've been great to have the day off and take my doggie to the park and let her play with other dogs, rather than her being cooped up all day too.  Oh well, I can't have it all! hehe..




What usually turns my frown upside down is wearing something that puts me in a good mood.  I think that's correct for most people.  And what put me in a good mood was this cute little plaid dress that is Converse for Target.  It finally fits me better, since I've lost a few pounds since buying it, so automatically it puts me in a happy mood!  Plus I paired it with my new Steve Madden wedges that immidiatley caught my eye while thrifting last week.  And not only are they new to me, they are new period.  Not even a scuff on the bottom of these shoes.  Don't you love that?! 


Converse Dress, NWT Thrifted
Black Cardi, Thrifted
Steve Madden Peeptoes, Thrifted
Cameo Necklace and Sunnies, Forever21

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