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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Lovely Day will Warm the Soul


I truly believe that Spring is finally going to stick around these parts in Virginia now!  Thank you Mother Nature!!  I'm sleeping with the windows open people!!  And now that it's becoming a little too warm to wear tights with my dresses now, I am finding that I need to walk around with pasty white legs.  With bruises no less!!  I am not one to go outside and sit in the sun and/or going to the tanning bed so I think I need to find myself some sunless tanner.  No need to burn the retinas of people I pass by on the street:)  If you know of a particular brand that you like, please let me know!




To combat the pasty white leg syndrome I am trying to wear brighter colors to give the appearance of a glow...I think I'm kidding myself here, so just amuse me;) I chose to put on a bright yellow top with my bright blue denim skirt.  And of course I was feeling quite springy so I put on my straw hat again and then paired it with a funky vintage necklace.  The necklace was an awesome find that I got while shopping in Cuyahoga Falls in this sweet little vintage shop called Secret Past.  The owner was the absolute sweetest lady and I wish I lived in Cuyahoga just so I could shop exclusively at her store.  It's tiny, packed, and chaotic, but her selection totally made up for it!  



****The winner of the Giveaway will be announce and emailed tonight!!****

Mustard Tee, Thrifted
Vintage Denim Skirt, Thrifted and hemmed
Vintage Belts, Thrifted
Vintage Sandals, Little Ocean Annie
Necklace, Secret Past

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