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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unearthing Vintage


Since I had a few extra hours to myself on vacation last week, I made sure to get to fixing some vintage items that needed some hemming and mending. This dress had been in that pile for a few months so I was happy to finally fix it up.  I wore it twice in one week!!


Another plus to having lots of vintage dresses and skirts to mend is that I don't have a sudden impulse to go shopping or thrifting.  Living on a limited budget doesn't lend itself much to weekend jaunts to the thrift stores or malls.  I've been treating myself to one or two pieces of vintage or thrifted once a month.  It's kind of interesting to see that I really didn't need to spend so much money doing my regular 4-5 trips to the thrifts.  It's cool having a new perspective.


Dress, Vintage
Shoes, Ross
Belt, Vintage

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stormy Weather


I don't know about where you live, but every time I'm ready to do outfits pics of any sort, the sky seems to transform into an ominous state and I have to rush before the heavens open up and drop water all over me.    Its a sticky situation living so close to the ocean, I suppose.  But at least it gives my photos a nice eerie look to them.


So, can I tell you how excited I was when I unearthed this vintage 1960s treasure at the local thrift store?  The hem was torn to pieces and its so old the fabric is decaying just a little, but I had to mend it so I could actually wear it once before it fell apart on me.  So far so good, but this might be more of an archive piece in my closet.  Something I can wear for a couple of hours and then put back into its safe place.  It's handmade from a nice cotton fabric with ruffles along the edge of the sleeve and the perfect length for a mini.  I'm kind of sad it will only see the light of day every now and then.


Oh and for the record, these photos were taken with my iphone, so forgive the lackluster quality.  I have misplaced my trusty memory card for my Nikon.

Dress, Vintage
Shoes, Old Navy

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brought to you by the letter M


As in M.I.A.  Oh my!!!!  I've been away for far too long!!!  Most of my time has been spent doing grown up stuff like giving my poor little Archie loads of attention.  A few weeks ago he was attacked by a pit bull and ever since then he's been going through post traumatic stress disorder.  It's been awful!!!!  The other part of my time has been spent  hanging out  with a new guy friend.  To be clear, this guy is super special right now so I've devoted more time to doing fun things with him and less time on the internets.  If you follow me on instagram, you'll be noticing more and more photos of food, mostly because we love cooking together and drinking good beers.  We've also been spending time going on long walks and hikes and enjoying loads of scientific educational programs and npr.  I'm telling you, he's a great guy :)

So now that you're a little caught up in my life, I thought I'd share some photos from my recent trip to Baltimore.  Lots of fun things happened in and around Baltimore and I wanted to document a few activities!!  Like the car ride, the aquarium and an art museum.