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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unearthing Vintage


Since I had a few extra hours to myself on vacation last week, I made sure to get to fixing some vintage items that needed some hemming and mending. This dress had been in that pile for a few months so I was happy to finally fix it up.  I wore it twice in one week!!


Another plus to having lots of vintage dresses and skirts to mend is that I don't have a sudden impulse to go shopping or thrifting.  Living on a limited budget doesn't lend itself much to weekend jaunts to the thrift stores or malls.  I've been treating myself to one or two pieces of vintage or thrifted once a month.  It's kind of interesting to see that I really didn't need to spend so much money doing my regular 4-5 trips to the thrifts.  It's cool having a new perspective.


Dress, Vintage
Shoes, Ross
Belt, Vintage

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