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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot to Trot

Nothing like a nice stroll on the hottest day of the year!!  It really wasn't that bad, especially since I was walking with my guy to get out in nature for a little bit.  I also spent the better part of my day planting a mint plant and then laid around on a couch watching an almost endless marathon of Bob's Burgers. Hehe..

Oh and when the weather is this hot and humid the best thing to wear is a loose jersey dress with a pretty cutout in the back.  Mine happened to be covered by lace for that easy breezy feeling.  I also decided this summer to be the summer of sandals.  There isn't anything I hate more than having my toes covered up in the summer, so I make sure to have pretty nails and opened toed sandals for as long as possible during the summery months.

Dress, Marshalls
Bag and Belt, Thrifted
Shades, Urban Outfitters
Sandals, Old Navy`

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