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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Put No Trust in the Future


You know that item in your closet that you only pay a visit to maybe twice a year?  This dress is one of those items for me.  I love it and all, but the print is so crazy I just try not to wear all the time.  I think the last time I wore it was way back last October!!  That was the cold weather version and this is the summerized version.  I found this dress at Wild Man Vintage when I was visiting my friend in Lawrence.  If you're ever in that area you have to check this place out!!  It's such a cute shop.


Oh and I just realized that tomorrow is the first day of September!!  Is that right?  I just can't believe it.  I feel like I've crapped away my whole summer.  I'm still trying find time to visit a lighthouse, go to the beach, do a picnic, and perhaps fly a kite...or something nostalgic like that.  I haven't even found one simple little sea shell to keep for a summer memento.  I mean I guess I have until mid September to really freak out about missing out on summer, but still.  Labor Day is in less than one week.  


Now, enough banter about time flying past too fast.  I mean I should have listened to Quintus Horatius Flaccus and just "Carpe Diem". 

Dress, Wild Man Vintage
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Shoes, Target
Ribbon Bracelet, Dana Mariah Etsy

Monday, August 29, 2011

Colored and Cropped


Today when we were taking our pups for our daily walk we decided to look around the park and see what type of destruction was left after the storm.  A few large limbs and a whole large tree were just sitting around.  It was kind of sad to see these huge trees just laying there like that.  Its humbling to realize that wind and rain can have such a effect on our surroundings.  Thank goodness none of the trees were near someone's home. 


Since the storm is all over I'm gonna put it behind me at this point and just start thinking about a few more positives in my life.  First things first, I'm going to NYC and I'm stoked!!  It's been too long since I was last there and this year I think I'm gonna have a lot more fun.  It won't be winter (for one thing) so I won't freeze my butt off plus I have a goal in mind to not be so closed off and shy. I'm naturally a shy person so I hope if I meet any of you I have something interesting to say!


And about my outfit.  I felt like color blocking this look with two colors that I absolutely hate together, but they worked in these lighter shades.  I mean, there is only so much more time that I can wear pastels without looking out of place with fall leaves and pumpkins around.   So there you are.  A color blocking look that is somewhat trendy with the cropped top and a high waisted skirt.


T-shirt, UO
Vintage Skirt, Blog Shop
Teal Wedges, Payless
Enamel Bracelet, Thrifted
Doll House Clock Necklace, Jaclyn1423

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cooped Up for Irene


So I've been cooped up in the apartment waiting out the storm and I've become quite bored.  We still have power so I figured I'd use good use of the electricity by doing a quick blog post:)  I got dressed up just for the fun of it and made a very bright outfit.  I've had this pretty Liberty of London for Target tunic sitting in my closet for ages and thought it'd be fun to sport it on an ultra stormy day.


And just to give you all a glimpse into my day, I've been busy doing house work since I haven't much to distract me and also I've been watching the news covered via internet streaming and radio.  So far we have flooded streets and a water main break in our area, but we're safe and sound in our cozy apartment.  Taking the dogs outside is quite the chore though.  Nothing is fun about that.  Hahaha...And they don't appreciate it either:)


If you all are on the east coast, stay safe and dry!!!  Hopefully I'll be back to regular photos and what not more sooner than later.  The streets are lined with debris and branches and clean up may take a while in our neighborhood.


Tunic, Target
Vintage Shoes, Thrifted
Cuckoo Clock Necklace, Jaclyn1423
Hat, UO

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hunkering Down


Expect a break in posting for a few days.  You know that hurricane that's hovering around the US?  Yeah, it's coming to my home so I'm expecting and anticipating no electricity and possibly no running water this weekend.  I've been through plenty of hurricanes before but this is one I'm kind of frightened about.  It's turned more westward towards my coast and seeing as I live in a historic building in the basin of the city I may or may not have to evacuate.  I'm not trying to get all dramatic, but you never know.  Living in southern coastal Virginia can have its ups and downs in the weather department.  And you know what?  It's been quite some time since we got hit bad with a hurricane, so it's seems like we're due for one.  Isn't that messed up logic?  So wish me luck!! 


Aside from hurricane reports and whatnot I'm trying to get the most outside time I can by taking the dogs for longs walks and enjoying the parks while the tree limbs are still intact.  As you can tell from my outfit, it really was all about dog walking.  I stayed comfy and cool in my uber awesome Selena Gomez shorts (I hope you read my sarcasm there) and striped black and white top.  I love mixing the black and tans together.  It kinda makes me thirsty for a black and tan :)


Gap Top, Thrifted
Shorts, KMart
Black Flats, UO
Jewellery, Antique Stores or Found

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Hello!!  And Happy Wednesday!  Its my favorite day of the week and I'm just in a good mood.  It's seven am and I'm already writing a post about it! hahaha...Anyways, I may also be in a good mood because I can finally feel cooler air outside!  It's 68 degrees right now and I'm just loving life to the max.  Usually in the summer I wake up to 85 degree mornings, so this is a dream!  Alright, enough with the blabbing on to the outfitting.


I actually woke up the other to the feeling of having nothing to wear.  I know right?  Again?!!  Then I remembered I had done some thrifting for fall clothes and remembered I had this pretty damask patterned skirt just sitting around.  I'm terrible at saving clothes for a future purpose, but clothes are clothes.  I "summerized" the skirt by pairing it with my trusty chambray ruffled blouse and black flats and for a bit of color, my orange studded belt.  Simple and to the point. 


Blouse-Formally a Dress, Ross
Ann Taylor Loft Skirt, Thrifted
Black Skimmers, UO
Belt, Thrifted
Purse, Fred Flare

Monday, August 22, 2011

An Extension


When I find that certain dress that makes my heart pitter patter and race just a smidge, than I know I've found something that will make me happy every time I wear it.  Its funny how clothing can do that for someone.   I hope that doesn't mean I'm shallow, but I like to view clothing as an extension of who I am.  I'm a lover of vintage, old timiness and also good quality garments that were made to last.  This dress is what does it for me.


I wore it a tad differently than last time by incorporating a pretty orange sash and black accessories.  I loved all these bright colors together tied in with black.  I also wanted to wear my pretty black necklace that I found at a consignment store a couple of years ago.  This necklace really intrigued me as I wasn't sure what the heck it was made of.  The cashier couldn't tell me what it was made of either, so I went ahead and bit the bullet and paid the $20 for it.  Come to find out the owner of shop ran into me and was so excited I was wearing this necklace from her shop.  Then she told me it was coral!  What?!!!  Oh Jesus.  I can't wear coral!  But I mean, I already bought it so there's no use in just letting it go to waste. 


Vintage Dress, Thrifted
Vintage Sash, Thrifted
Vintage Wedges, Thrifted
Coral Necklace, Consignment Shop
Hat, Thrifted
Ring, Etsy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feathers and Stripes


Just a quickie of a post you guys!!  I wore this yesterday while brunching with Zach and then running errands.  Had a fabulous experience at the farmer's markets and if you saw my tweet yesterday you'd know why :)  Lets just say, don't judge a book by its cover and then check out my tweet


And basically my outfit is the result of a little pattern mixing.  Stripes and feathers seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, so I went with it.  The feather blouse is a vintage find I picked up in NYC at Buffalo Exchange and the flats are a recent purchase I made for myself from Lulu' after I won a polyvore contest at Kansas Couture!  I'm glad I snaked in one more pair of summer shoes before fall hits:) 


Blouse, Buffalo Exchange
Shorts, Dillards
Flats, Lulu's
Vintage Belt, Thrifted

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DIY: Planting Indoor Gardens


I've had a sort of revelation and decided to spruce up my home a bit with plants.  I usually go head first into projects without actually doing much research, but I've learned my lessons.  After many failed attempts at planting indoor plants and then watching them die a slow death, I figured I'd do my best to really learn the art of indoor gardening.  So here is my latest venture!!  Along with some tips for you guys!!


First things first!!  Decide which plants will be best suited for your lifestyle.  Much like pets, you want to make sure you can dedicate a certain amount of attention to your plants.  I chose succulents, since I already have pets and figured I'd start with plants that don't require too much attention.  Succulents require little watering and a good sunny window.

When you chosen your plants, choose the soil that will be best for your plants.  There are special mixes for cacti, African violets, succulents, and indoor potted flowers. 


Next, choose some planters.  These are some things I thought would make good planters, but the only one that actually worked out was the milk glass goblet.  I wanted an eclectic theme for my windows, so I have a few vintage planters that ended up making the cut, along with some from Ikea. 


Now get to planting!!  And don't forget to give a nice watering to your plants.  They'll need it after being repotted in different planters.


Place them in a good window that gets either full sunlight or partial sunlight.  The amount of sunlight your plants will need should be on the plant description at the nursery.  Enjoy!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Simply Stated


There's nothing more relaxing than taking a walk with my significant other which includes a date night full of chinese take-out and a movie.  The other night we decided to trek on over to Yummy Wok (i've mentioned them before) for some delicious veggie dumplings and then trekked on home to watch The Hangover for the hundredth time.  It's so nice having these summer evenings to walk to dinner and just enjoy some one of the last bits of day light.  We also goofed around with the camera a bit:)  I didn't anticipate posting these pictures, but I liked my mood in them.  It was also a nice "date night" so I figured I'd post about it anyhow. 


As far as the outfit is concerned, I know it's basic, but sometimes a girl just needs something monochromatic to make life a little easier.  I brightened it up with my pretty red barrettes and my same old Fred Flare purse.  Super easy but still rather stylish (if I do say so myself).  Yeah, there's no lack of modesity coming from me;) hehehe..

(and here's my serious face, where I tell Zach to not give me any lip)


Dress, Ross (ages ago)
Black Flats, UO
Opal Necklace, Parking Lot Find
Sunnies, Forever21
Purse, Fred Flare