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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 16 When it Just Doesn't Work


Alright, I am now more than half way through with the 30 for 30 challenge. So far so good! But I do look forward to wearing some different items later on. Like a new dress for the holidays and such. All this decorating around my place is giving me all sorts of ideas on what I should wear for holiday get togethers coming up soon. This outfit is not in the running though. This was more appropriate for a day at work instead. A little librarian-ish, don't you think? Actually after looking at the photos I'm not too thrilled with this look. I tried to incorporate the clogs again and I don't think they worked and the dress was way too clingy. Lesson learned and I'll move on from here:)



I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday! Mine was a tad stressful, but I relaxed and started decorating for Christmas and enjoyed the holiday moments. I'll post pictures tomorrow when everything is all set up!


Dress, Old Navy from years ago (Gift)
Vintage Blouse, Thrifted ($4)
Polka Dot Tights, H&M ($10)
Clogs, Thrifted ($3.50)
Sunglasses, Forever21 ($2)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remix 15 Rummaging through Memories


Well don't hate me or anything if you're doing the 30 for 30 Challenge, but I did a little shopping over the weekend. Well, sort of. I was spending the day at my parents and my dad got a wild hair and wanted me to go through all my things in the attic that I left about 3 years ago. I came across a bunch of my old clothes that I thought were lost forever!! I mean, free clothes from my own hidden stash! How awesome!! Shopping your own closet can be even more fun when you begin to discover clothes you haven't worn in years:) I ended up keeping a pair of wool trousers from Gap, a cream cable knit sweater and a plain white tee and everything else went to the thrift store.




This is one of my weekend outfits (as if you couldn't tell) and I was pretty stoked about it. I found my polka dot tights at the bottom of my sock drawer and thought I'd pair them with my short shorts and striped top. You see how I paired two things that don't go together in the style world? Stripes and polka dots! Crazy! (ok sarcasm again) But I do like the pairing together. It's fun, quirky and cute. Plus I finally wore my clogs that I thrifted weeks ago. I put these in my wardrobe challenge since I still hadn't tried them with anything. These were very hard to walk in. I don't think I'll wear these more than a few times. Unless I want to break my neck!


H&M Top, Thrifted ($2)
Shorts, Target ($20)
Scarf, Forever21 (Borrowed from Mom)
Ring, Avon (Borrowed from Mom)
Clogs, Thrifted ($3.50)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 14 Thanksgiving Recovery


Well it's been about forever since I last updated this ole blog! Sorry about that. The holidays took over my life (but in a good way) and I just didn't have time to spend on the computer. But I'm back and all is good in the world!! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my home with my husband, his mom and stepdad, and my parents and sister. It was pretty fantastic! Food was plentiful and I made plenty of vegan veggie sides for everyone to choose from. My mom made the turkey since I don't eat meat and don't remember how to cook it anymore. So all in all is was a great evening spent with family and I made sure we watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for a nice Thanksgiving movie. I love John Hughes for making that film!




Anyways, I finally got dressed in something other than jeans and a tee shirt and had Zach take my photos at our local park. It was super chilly today and my outfit was definitely not weather appropriate. The jacket is more of a blazer than a coat so I was trying to get Zach to hurry up so I could get back in the car! It's so funny that yesterday was in the 70s and today it only got up to 45 degrees. The weather is going to make me ill one of these days. Especially if I decide to wear a thin cotton shirt dress. But I'll take my chances since I love this dress so much:)


H&M Dress, Platos Closet ($10)
Coat, Ebay ($5)
Vintage Boot, Ebay ($20)
Hue Tights, Macy's ($5)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 13 A Little Lace Goes a Long Way


Hmmm...Lace again? Yes the skirt is lace and green and one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. It rings Christmas time to me too!! Although today felt anything but Christmas time because it was almost 80 degrees, but oh well. These types of days are numbered as we creep closer to winter time, so a little indian summer is alright in my book.


Since the skirt was something I was drawn to already, I needed to work my entire look around it. Sometimes it's hard to piece together an outfit with such an interesting piece, such as a lace and green satin skirt. And since I only had a handful of tops to choose from, I focused my attention to my white button down. It's pretty pleated details played off the lace of the skirt and it was weather appropriate (a bonus point!!) I also went a different direction in choosing the vintage boots. They're pretty rustic compared to the rest of the look, but it felt good to try something different.


Gap Blouse, Thrifted ($3)
Lace Skirt, Ebay ($5)
Vintage Boots, Ebay ($20)
Sunglasses, Forever21 ($2)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 12 Mixing up Fabrics


Getting used to this whole darkness early thing is quite the pain in the ass. I mean, I left my house at 4pm to take some photos while I walked my dog and it was already this dark! Crazy. I am having a bit of a schedule change this week and get off from work by 3:30, so I thought I'd take advantage of the extra sunlight I get to experience. It was great weather today so I really took it in and enjoyed a nice quiet walk with Starla. I even did my own photos in the woods today (as if you couldn't tell..hehe...) and got creeped out by all the little critters running around.




So my outfit is more or less the same as a previous outfit I did with the olive jacket and the lace shirt, but I changed it up a bit with my satin skirt and a belt. Not quite the same, but also not so different either. Oh well! That's what happens when you're remixing the same 30 pieces of clothing. I do like the way the fancy fabrics play into the more casual jacket. I mean satin with twill! I must be insane! But it's just something I like to do to make my life more interesting. Mixing and matching fabrics can be fun sometimes. Maybe tomorrow I'll do something different with velvet!


***Please note my sarcastic tone. I'm not that excited about mixing my fancy fabrics with my not so fancy ones, I just like it sometimes ;)

Blouse, Thrifted ($2)
Jacket, Thrifted ($1)
Skirt, Target ($10)
Vintage Boots, Thrifted ($20)
Belt, H&M ($5)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 11 Comfy Sundays


This was one of those days where I really didn't give a hoot about what I'd wear. I was basically busy doing my usual Sunday chores but I wanted to still keep in sync with my wardrobe for the 30 for 30 Challenge so I did something low key and easy. It seems like these skinny jeans are my best friend during the weekend. I always find myself leaning towards their comfy-ness and they go great with my warm cozy striped sweater.


It made sense for me to dress this way since I was doing my regular Sunday festivities of grocery shopping, a little thrifting, and tons of cooking. Today was Friendsgiving so it was quite busy in the kitchen. Oh and Friendsgiving is a party that our neighbors put together and it's a nice way to enjoy everyone's company while engorging on tons of food. It was pretty hilarious because half of the group was vegan and the other half was hard core carnivores so the spread of food was diverse. I brought the vegan butternut squash soup and vegan bread. Let me tell you something! It is quite hard and labor intensive to scoop out a butternut squash, but it did end up tasting yummy.

Sweater, Old Navy (gift)
Jeans, Charlotte Russe ($20)
Wedges, Thrifted ($5)
Blazer, Thrifted ($4)
Scarf, Walmart ($5)

Oh and I'm not a food blogger by any means but I did take a couple pics of the food spread.



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 9 A Salute to Style


Another military inspired look for my remix wardrobe. I am so glad I put this jacket in my items because it just seems to go with so much! Plus olive is becoming one of my favorite colors so I can't seem to stay away from this jacket for the life of me. And what goes better with olive than some cognac boots and belt? Well, maybe a ton of stuff, since olive is a neutral but this particular day it was all about the cognac!



And today was also about friends and eating. Our awesome neighbors always come up with fun ideas to get together so tonight we made our way to our favorite eatery (the farmers market) and had some delicious dinner with friends. I love that our farmer's market always makes sure to include something yummy and vegan, so I enjoyed a green pepper stuffed with quinoa, carrots and broccoli.


Striped top, Thrifted ($2)
Jacket, Thrifted ($1)
Wool skirt, Thrifted ($4)
Belt, Thrifted ($2)
Boots, Ebay ($20)
Necklace, Fred Flare (gift)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 8 A Splendid Day


Whew!!! Busy day yesterday! It was spent mostly baking like a crazy person. My friend wanted me to make her a cake which looked like a Tiffany's Box and I will gladly pat myself on the back and say what a good job I did. Unfortunatley everybody was so preoccupied with sangria that nobody remembered to eat the cake. I'll be stopping by there later for my slice though! Anywho, because of my hectic cake baking, I totally forgot to make a blog post! I'm trying to stay on track with these 30 for 30 posts so I don't lose track of how much time I wear the same clothes!



For this outfit I wanted to try and wear my navy skirt with something a little more substantial on top. The thick shawl cardigan came to mind so I threw it on along with some brown accessories. Again, brown and navy seem to be my staple, but I like it. And of course you can't really see it but I wanted a pop of color in my sea of neutrals so I "borrowed" one of my mom's Lia Sophia necklaces with this bright coral color. It's such a great piece, that I wish I had showcased it more appropriately. Next outfit, for sure!


Shawl Cardigan, Thrifted ($2)
Velvet Skirt, Thrifted ($3)
Grey Top, Forever21 ($2)
Brown belt, Thrifted ($4)
Brown Wedges, Thrifted ($4)

Oh and in case you were truly interested, here's a pic my friend Ana took of the cake I slaved over for 5 hours!

bithday cake

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 7 Ch..Ch..Ch..Chilly!!


This had to be one of the chilliest days so far this fall! It excited me about the possibility of a tiny snow storm on the day of Christmas. It usually doesn't start to get uncomfortably cool until late December, so imagined my surprise when I layered a cropped jacket over a long sleeved sweater to find that it was still too cold to go gallivanting in just this. But I did go gallivanting in this outfit, despite freezing my butt off. You can't tell from the pics but I couldn't wait to get home and get warm.



This cool weather really has me imagining what would be some great outfits to wear from my 30 for 30 wardrobe as the temperatures start to fall more downward. I didn't include a snow suit or anything crazy like that, but that fur collared jacket might do the trick, as the cooler temps start to present themselves. If you are doing the 30 for 30 Challenge, did you make sure to include items that can carry themselves from fall to winter. I know for myself I wanted to make sure I'd stay warm because I'm not sure I can get all my posts done in 30 calendar days, so I had to ensure that my items would be weather appropriate for all situations.


Sweater, Zara ($30)
Jeggings, Thrifted ($2)
Cropped Jacket, Thrifted ($1)
Vintage Boots, Ebay ($20)
Purse, Thrifted ($10)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 6 Black and White, and Leopard...Oh My!


Well I finally got around to getting those clothes washed and dried. About time, right? Actually my husband has been the one getting all the laundry done, so I'll go ahead and give him his props. Actually while he was doing all of our laundry, I was helping my mom with adopting this little guy!


Remember when I posted about my SPCA Dog Walk post and I found this adorable dachshund? Well, my Mom saw him later in the day and decided that she was going to adopt him. So I may not have got sweet little Guiness, but at least my family did and I can see him whenever I want. My own Starla is totally enamored by him. They played for about an hour straight and even got comfortable enough to lay next to each other. I'm going to go ahead and say, it's all fate;)



Ok, so Remix Number 6 had a little more planning involved then my last outfit. I wanted to take some basic black and white and turn it into something more interesting. This leopard print scarf did the trick as a makeshift comber bun and an added bit of print. And the bright plum tights were my pop of color. See, it's really all in the accessories!


Gap Blouse, Thrifted ($3)
Satin Skirt, Target ($10)
Purple Tights, Target ($5)
Cardigan, Forever21 ($7)
Boots, Ebay ($20)
Scarf, my moms

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 5 Time to Wash Those Clothes


Well today's outfit kind of came out by accident. You see, when I picked my 30 for 30 pieces about 1/3 of them were in the dirty laundry. So here's my excuse...I'm sort of lazy. I postponed the laundry duties for over a week due to not remembering to buy laundry detergent for 10 days in a row. So, this dress and blazer were about the only clean items I had left until tomorrow's laundry day. I'm glad it worked out though. Nothing is worse then being completely discombobulated with a closet full of 2 items. So I was left with this dress and this blazer and came up with a nice little outfit with my hints of brown. I don't know about you, but I think navy and brown just seem to go together so nicely.


Oh and you all will be so proud of me! I took a trip with my hubby to the thrift store and didn't buy a lick of clothing. I was tempted, but I resisted the urge. So instead I lived vicariously through my trooper of a husband. He found a great Marc Echo shirt and a nice zip-up sweater and both items actually fit him perfectly. He usually has little to no luck at thrifting so I was jumping for joy for him. Then I made my way through the homewares section and was in Kitchy Christmas Heaven!! So many vintage/antique Christmas goodies just calling my name. Everything from lead tinsel to vintage Santa Clause figurines. If I didn't have my wits about me I would've bought all the stock, but instead I walked away with the tinsel, some vintage ornaments, and a couple of dishes for my Thanksgiving dinner. All in all a good Saturday.



H&M Dress, Plato's Closet ($10)
Blazer, Thrifted ($4)
Wedges, Thrifted ($5)
Purse, Thrifted ($3)
Tights, Hue ($7)