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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 11 Comfy Sundays


This was one of those days where I really didn't give a hoot about what I'd wear. I was basically busy doing my usual Sunday chores but I wanted to still keep in sync with my wardrobe for the 30 for 30 Challenge so I did something low key and easy. It seems like these skinny jeans are my best friend during the weekend. I always find myself leaning towards their comfy-ness and they go great with my warm cozy striped sweater.


It made sense for me to dress this way since I was doing my regular Sunday festivities of grocery shopping, a little thrifting, and tons of cooking. Today was Friendsgiving so it was quite busy in the kitchen. Oh and Friendsgiving is a party that our neighbors put together and it's a nice way to enjoy everyone's company while engorging on tons of food. It was pretty hilarious because half of the group was vegan and the other half was hard core carnivores so the spread of food was diverse. I brought the vegan butternut squash soup and vegan bread. Let me tell you something! It is quite hard and labor intensive to scoop out a butternut squash, but it did end up tasting yummy.

Sweater, Old Navy (gift)
Jeans, Charlotte Russe ($20)
Wedges, Thrifted ($5)
Blazer, Thrifted ($4)
Scarf, Walmart ($5)

Oh and I'm not a food blogger by any means but I did take a couple pics of the food spread.




  1. Gorgeous scarf! I love it paired with the stripes!

  2. I agree, this is such a stunning scarf! A unique pattern, it is so pretty!

  3. I love the scarf with the stripe top!! That meal looks wonderful and delicious, we had our thanksgiving a month ago and now I'm missing turkey!

  4. I KINDA LOVE SCARVES AND STRIPES. so this outfit wins no matter what.