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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 8 A Splendid Day


Whew!!! Busy day yesterday! It was spent mostly baking like a crazy person. My friend wanted me to make her a cake which looked like a Tiffany's Box and I will gladly pat myself on the back and say what a good job I did. Unfortunatley everybody was so preoccupied with sangria that nobody remembered to eat the cake. I'll be stopping by there later for my slice though! Anywho, because of my hectic cake baking, I totally forgot to make a blog post! I'm trying to stay on track with these 30 for 30 posts so I don't lose track of how much time I wear the same clothes!



For this outfit I wanted to try and wear my navy skirt with something a little more substantial on top. The thick shawl cardigan came to mind so I threw it on along with some brown accessories. Again, brown and navy seem to be my staple, but I like it. And of course you can't really see it but I wanted a pop of color in my sea of neutrals so I "borrowed" one of my mom's Lia Sophia necklaces with this bright coral color. It's such a great piece, that I wish I had showcased it more appropriately. Next outfit, for sure!


Shawl Cardigan, Thrifted ($2)
Velvet Skirt, Thrifted ($3)
Grey Top, Forever21 ($2)
Brown belt, Thrifted ($4)
Brown Wedges, Thrifted ($4)

Oh and in case you were truly interested, here's a pic my friend Ana took of the cake I slaved over for 5 hours!

bithday cake


  1. This is cute. I love that cardi! And that cake looks delish! :)

  2. Amazing job on the cake, you should be a professional baker!! I love the outfit too! XOXOX,

  3. That sweater looks soooo comfortable and amazing. I love it. You did an amazing job on that cake too!!

  4. As someone who cannot bake at ALL, I am amazed at your lovely cake!!! Very pretty!


  5. That cake looks AMAZINGGGGGGGG. I don't even think I can bake cookies from scratch let alone a whole cake! I love that navy skirt! So glad to see it in this challenge :)

  6. Great job on that cake! Love the mix of the sweater with the lighter skirt!

  7. i love how your shoes totally disappear into the grass. lush grass is lush!

    you look lovely!