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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 9 A Salute to Style


Another military inspired look for my remix wardrobe. I am so glad I put this jacket in my items because it just seems to go with so much! Plus olive is becoming one of my favorite colors so I can't seem to stay away from this jacket for the life of me. And what goes better with olive than some cognac boots and belt? Well, maybe a ton of stuff, since olive is a neutral but this particular day it was all about the cognac!



And today was also about friends and eating. Our awesome neighbors always come up with fun ideas to get together so tonight we made our way to our favorite eatery (the farmers market) and had some delicious dinner with friends. I love that our farmer's market always makes sure to include something yummy and vegan, so I enjoyed a green pepper stuffed with quinoa, carrots and broccoli.


Striped top, Thrifted ($2)
Jacket, Thrifted ($1)
Wool skirt, Thrifted ($4)
Belt, Thrifted ($2)
Boots, Ebay ($20)
Necklace, Fred Flare (gift)


  1. military inspiration is love.i love the colors and the cuts they have there.
    and again, stripes love. seriously, you had me at stripes!

  2. Olive is becoming a favorite of mine too! Though I don't think I could pull off military looks. I love how you have been downplaying the military-ness of the military look by mixing it with other normal, everyday pieces in your closet :]

  3. I love this look, I'm really into mixing black and brown.

  4. I've been really loving military looks lately, too! I think the military looks you've been posting lately suit you well. And perhaps I've never noticed before, but I believe that I have the exact same pair of boots as you! It's funny because I thrifted mine and you bought yours on ebay. What a weird world :)

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  6. I really like how you did your own spin on the military look. Once I get a olive green jacket I may attempt this outfit. Great Remix!!

  7. Lovely outfit, I love the necklace! And the shoooeeees!

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  8. This green jacket is wonderful. I love it with the stripes!
    The Auspicious Life