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Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Fun


So, how was everyone's Halloween? I'll admit, mine was a bit lame. There were no costumes, no parties, no scary movies. Actually we invited a few friends over for some tortilla soup, drank autumn ales, and watched SNL. So not quite the spooktacular Halloween I was expecting, but it was nice to have some company with Zach and I.



I guess you could say I dressed up for Halloween since I dressed up in a plaid dress. But no, I was not a school girl. I found this dress in a thriftshop a couple of weeks ago and because of it's short length, I knew I'd have to wear tights with it. So Saturday was a nice chilly day to finally debut my dress. And this dress has quite a funny story. When I was at the thrift store this dress totally caught my eye, and then I noticed it was new with tags!! Score for $6.99!! So I took it home, got ready to wash it, and cut the tags. That's when I noticed the original price of the garment. Apparently it was originally bought from the clearance bin at Family Dollar for the grand total of $3.00!!! What?!! Those sneaky little thrift shop owners! I can't get mad though, since the money goes towards a children's hospital. So yeah, that was my good deed for the day;)



Oh and the pictures are actually from Saturday taken by my sister. We were having some sisterly hangout time and watched some Disney Halloween movies, ate caramel apples, and then met some friends of hers to go thrifting.

Dress, Thrifted ($7)
Sweater, Thrifted ($2)
Shoes, Thrifted ($2)
Hat, Forever21 ($2)
Sunnies, Forever21 ($2)
Ring, H&M ($3)


  1. this is so beautiful, love your outfit :)

  2. You look like Jessica from Sally Jane Vintage. Which is a compliment, as she rocks the blog style with amazingness!

  3. perfect fall outfit! love the hat, especially.


  4. this outfit is so cute! love the colour of the cardigan too!

  5. your hair is so lovely in these photos and in the sun emily! it almost looks blonde! :) you are looking good dear (have you lost more weight?!)! that dress is so cute and will be perfect for holiday parties. i love that cardigan--i am searching for one in that exact color!