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Monday, June 25, 2012

Stormy Weather


I don't know about where you live, but every time I'm ready to do outfits pics of any sort, the sky seems to transform into an ominous state and I have to rush before the heavens open up and drop water all over me.    Its a sticky situation living so close to the ocean, I suppose.  But at least it gives my photos a nice eerie look to them.


So, can I tell you how excited I was when I unearthed this vintage 1960s treasure at the local thrift store?  The hem was torn to pieces and its so old the fabric is decaying just a little, but I had to mend it so I could actually wear it once before it fell apart on me.  So far so good, but this might be more of an archive piece in my closet.  Something I can wear for a couple of hours and then put back into its safe place.  It's handmade from a nice cotton fabric with ruffles along the edge of the sleeve and the perfect length for a mini.  I'm kind of sad it will only see the light of day every now and then.


Oh and for the record, these photos were taken with my iphone, so forgive the lackluster quality.  I have misplaced my trusty memory card for my Nikon.

Dress, Vintage
Shoes, Old Navy

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