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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Al Fresco Date Night

Mexican embroidered tunic

I love me a good date night!  Who doesn't really?  Usually Zach's and my ole standby for dinner may be a frozen pizza and maybe a salad.  But when it's time for something special we always find ourselves walking to our favorite food group.  Mediterranean!!  There is a plethora of different types of restaurants right at our finger tips and as long as its a nice day it will be complete with al fresco dining!
vintage tunic

teal wedges

Trying to find something nice to wear on date night can be quite the conundrum when the mister doesn't plan on dressing up.  I don't want to show him up so usually I just pair heels and jeans and I'm set.  Of course tonight was no exception.  He wanted to wear shorts and t-shirt and I wanted to wear my vintage tunic sweater.  I've had this sweater for about 2 years and I am finally getting the chance to wear it!  It's odd because it's a sweater but its also really light so the only real opportunity I get to wear it is when the weather is hovering around 65 or 70 degrees.  Do you all have any particular item of clothing that is only conducive to a specific weather?

denim trousers


And for the record I had the most fantastic eggplant wrap with a salad and hummus:)  It was so delicious!

recycled plastic bags

Vintage Sweater, Buffalo Exchange
Jeans, Thrifted
Teal Sandals, Payless--like 4 years ago!
Recycled Plastic Bag Purse, Gift from Uncle N.  Love it!!

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