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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Shead a Tear over a Tear

 denim jacket

Hello folks!  This outfit is so bitter sweet to me.  Let me explain.  First I was wearing the most beautiful white eyelet wrap dress I've ever found.  It fit perfectly, had the best shade of white, and was a very retro inspired dress shape.  It looked fantastic!!  I also refashion a vintage slip to wear underneath it and then ironed out the dress to make sure it looked just right.  And then, as I was leaving the bedroom, my dress caught on a piece of a door lock and ripped.  I seriously cried tears.  It's just a dress, but something about it just seemed like the perfect summer time frock.  And it was the perfect day to give it a go.  Anyways, Zach helped compose me and suggested I wear this dress.

thrifted sundress

vintage flats

pretty tree

Although I had hoped for the perfect spring/summer frock to wear while vintage shopping, I still had a nice summer dress waiting in the wings.  All I had to do was switch up my jewelry and I was good to go.  Oh and throw on a denim jacket since I'm a weirdo and hate wearing strapless dresses.  I feel half naked walking around without something on my shoulders! haha!!

vintage camera bag


Gap denim jacket

All in all it was fantastic day full of warm sunshine, taking a trip to Williamsburg with Rebecca, and then later biking with Zach to a cute park in Norfolk and then to a new beer joint called The Birch.  Of course The Birch would've been closed since it was Easter weekend.  So I guess we'll have to fill our growler another day. 

vintage rings

Denim Jacket, Gap
Sundress, Thrifted
Vintage Flats, Thrifted
Vintage Camera Bag, Thrifted
Rings, Vintage Shops

I am going to try and fix this dress tomorrow.  It's about a 2 inch rip right through the eyelets and hopefully I can give it a try.  Crossing my fingers!!

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