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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sitting in My Window

sheer dress

Remember all those years ago when your parents would take you out shopping for Easter dresses?  I do.  I remember one particular Easter I wanted to wear a super frilly dress covered in huge Hydrangeas.  Why yes, I was rocking a floral like nobody's business.  If only I could find that picture of me proudly holding my Easter basket wearing said dress.  It's quite the embarressing photo so maybe I'm grateful that I can't find it:)

pale pink dress

vintage wedges

easter best

This Easter I decided to wear a pretty 30s inspired dress that I found at Plato's Closet about 3 months ago.  The sheerness of it was quite shocking so I made sure to wear a slip under it and pair it with vintage accessories.  The wedges were just begging to be paired with it and then my dark brown straw clutch were a nice contrast to the sheer pinkness of the fabric.  At least in my mind's eye it seemed to go really well.

side bun

And here you get a nice glimpse into my livingroom window sill.  I swear I find our windows to be our best feature of our apartment.  They're so large and the window sill is so deep which makes it easy to sit on it's ledge.  Here's a fun fact too!  I have a large vintage swivel chair in my living and when it's nice and warm and sunny I'll sit with the windows wide open sitting in my chair drinking iced tea.  It's sort of like my version of a porch.  Hehehe..

vintage straw clutch

I Heart Ronson Dress, Plato's Closet
Vintage Wedges, The Friendly Fox
Necklace, Forever21
Earrings, Acute Designs
Vintage Clutch, Thrifted

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