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Friday, April 29, 2011



Happy Friday!!  Boy this day took forever to get here.  Nothing truly spectacular ever happens to me on a Friday, but it's just a nice time to realize that I've made it!  This week was a strange one.  I'm going to be getting used to a lot of change in my workplace due to new people coming in  and old co-workers moving on and it's just a little odd.  You get used to working with the same people for so long, and when someone moves on it feels kind of empty.  I'm lucky enough that I get along very well with my co-workers I suppose. 



Aside from boring stuff like work, I did enjoy a fabulous thrifting trip with my good friend Diane:)  Vintage galore!!  And for super cheap.  I got a fantastic 60s dress for a mere $1.25.  That is insane, really.  The only downside to thrifting, was the store closed the dressing rooms an hour before they closed the shop.  How in the world could they do that?  So we took to the bathrooms and decided to try on in there.  We were promptly told no, but we could try stuff on over our clothes in the hallway.  That was incredibly annoying, but whatever. 



So let me tell you, just how many inappropriate mishaps I had with this dress.  Flowy jersey + windy conditions = wardrobe malfunction.  I just had to pretend that not a single soul saw my rear-end and then I saved face.  But at least my dress was pretty!  Haha!!  Because that's all that matters;) 


Olive Jacket, Thrifted
NYandCo Dress, Thrifted
Payless Platforms, Thrifted
Turquoise Necklace, Vintage Shop

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