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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Delights in Denim

denim jacket

Nothing delights me more than the feeling of something familiar on my skin.  One of those things is my denim jacket, the other is my husband...hehehe..yeah I went there;)  Anyways, a denim jacket is probably one of the most timeless pieces that I have in my wardrobe.  Everyone should have at least one.  Or two or three!  That might be a bit obsessive, but so long as they're in different washes, who's to scold you?  At one time I think I had four denim jackets, but once I was married and sharing a smaller closet I had to get rid of all but one.  My Gap denim jacket has been with me throughout my entire relationship with Zach and I remember when he bought it for me, so that might be why I have such a strong affinity for it.  Plus denim jackets are just rad.

gap denim

vintage dress

What types of clothing do you hold near and dear to you?  And why?  I have a few pieces of clothing from my grandmother that I always keep close by.  Wearing them is like getting hugged by her all over again.  And she gave the best kinds of hugs.  I have also kept my JNCOs (does anyone remember those monstrosities?) because they were perhaps the best gift I ever received when I was in middle school.  Man those were so awesome.  I tried them on not too long ago to see how they fit now and oh Jesus!  I am not the same size as I once was!

star studs

michael kors

Denim Jacket, Gap--7 years ago
Star Studded Dress, Thrifted and hemmed
Michael Kors Pumps, DSW--4 years ago
Sunglasses, Forever21
Black Enamel Rings, Lia Sophia

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