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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to Play Musical Accessories

Tieka's scarf

About a month ago Jasmine had the fun idea to trade music with a few other bloggers and also trade pretty accessories to style up:)  It was named Musical Accessories.  Sounded fun to me!!  The first item I received was from Tieka's closet.  Here is how Jasmine styled it first!  I had fun with the textures of the scarf and wanted to incorporate it into a very spring-like ensemble, yet still stay casual for a weekend of romping around.  And by romping around I mean taking a trip to Target and visiting the duckies.

floral blouse

heritage 1981

And of course, if you're familiar with Tieka's blog, you know that she is very well versed in music.  I had so much fun listening to her mix and will need to have one more listen before I send it off to Kate to appreciate.  I love An Horse, Grand National, Tegan and Sara, Minus the Bear, and pretty much everything else.

vintage loafers

The weather was looking super stormy so I wanted to hurry up and get pictures before the sky opened up.  So on our way home from Target we took a detour to a popular area in Norfolk with a pretty canal and gardens.  We jumped out and started taking photos in super windy conditions and then noticed the adorable ducks swimming by.  Zach took that opportunity to take a ton of photos for his first GIF file.

And then we made another one!  I loved the way the wind was moving my hair and the scarf.  The breeze felt so awesome on the warm day and the ominous clouds just added to the mystique. 

vintage camera bag

Oh and a couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway from Ramblings of a Small Town Girl and received a cute package from Acute Designs. I love the pretty barrettes and will most definitley be buying more.  They hold my hair really well and look fabulous!

acute designs

Floral Blouse, Thrifted
Heritage 1981 Jeans, Plato's Closet
Vintage Loafers, Thrifted
Scarf, Tieka's
Vintage Camera Bag, Thrifted

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