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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Enjoy Sunny Evenings

After a long day there is nothing I enjoy more than just going for a walk in my neighborhood. It's romantic just walking hand in hand with my favorite person and walking our dog. It makes me happy and thankful that I have this opportunity at the end of the day. It's such a great way to decompress and just have a good conversation with Zach. Normally we find ourselves doing our own thing on the computer and if we take time out of our day to really connect it just makes the day even that much better.


And since yesterday was so pretty and spring-like, I decided to wear a cute floral dress I had been saving for a couple of weeks. Thank god I decided to buy a slip to go under this dress because it was completely sheer. I almost didn't even notice it, when I picked it up and threw it in my basket, since I was so enamored with the print.


Oh and I was so in love with the weather yesterday that I couldn't believe that I had to spend it all day inside a big closed up bank. All day long I had customers coming in bragging about how nice it is outside and then saying, "oh you don't have windows! That's terrible, since the breeze is so pleasant". Yeah yeah yeah. Keep on bragging. But at least I enjoyed about 1 hour of sunlight when I got home.


Oh and this picture is pretty hilarious to me, since I have this silly smirk on my face. Zach totally caught me staring at some jogger running by us with no shirt on and of course he called me out on it. It was funny to both of us, since I rarely do that, but man! Another reason to love the nicer weather, I guess...hehehehe


So now, I guess I can't say anything if I catch his eyes wandering when we walk past another girl. But my mother in law says, "You can look at the menu, just don't buy anything." Words of wisdom:)


Dress, Thrifted ($2) Slip, Thrifted ($2) Flats, Target ($5) Jewelry, Grandma's (heirloom)


  1. Man, I hate when customers keep saying how beautiful and perfect the weather is! Seriously puts you in the worst mood ever! Your dress is adorable, and I can def. see you remixing it, it's totally versatile!

  2. I love the print on your dress. beautiful.

  3. This is such a pretty print! I have never worked in a mall or anywhere I can't see the weather outside. I couldn't even imagine the feeling, I don't think I would survive!

  4. aw, i wish i looked that cute when i walked my dogs :) haha

  5. that floral dress is so cute! perfect for spring!! :D i love taking sweet strolls with robert! they're so simple yet some of my favorite memories are just walking with him around a park :)

  6. Gosh, that dress is such a great find! I adore your blog, you're stunning! :)


  7. Man, it totally sucks to be trapped inside when it's so nice out! But I'm glad you got to enjoy the view after work ;)

  8. I love love love this dress! You look so perfect for spring!