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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Weekend Recap

Uh-Oh! It's wasn't even 8am and I already received a text from my friend 'D'. She is the shopping aficionado I always talk about and my partner in crime when it comes to shopping. So she ended up coming to my place and then off to the thriftstore we went! Much to my hubby's delight (hehehe). I got a great 1960s coffee and tea set, a vintage Samsonite train case, and this dress, plus a couple of sweaters. All in all a good haul of things I've actually been on the lookout for! I am going to have to get a photoshoot with my new finds at some point this week.


And my outfit was another one of those, "i'm just gonna take it easy this morning and throw something fun on". I bought this Converse dress a few months ago, and it's been too chilly to throw it on since it's linen, so today seemed like the perfect time to wear it. But it was still a little too chilly so instead of tights (which may have just look weird) I threw on my jeggings, rolled them up, then added my chucks. Not rocket science, but comfy, casual, and a bit different.


And this is kind of off topic, but if you're a vegetarian and love tortilla soup, like I do, here's a great recipe! I made this for a get together with friends. My friend 'L' has been laid up with a dislocated knee for two weeks, so Zach and I came by and cooked dinner and then watched a very good movie/musical called Once, which stared the duo from The Swell Season. I absolutely love their music and had never heard of it!


Converse dress, thrifted new ($6) Jeggins, Thrifted ($2) Chucks, DSW ($40) Gold necklace, Grandma's (heirloom)


  1. Okay, how have I not seen your blog before?! I LOVE IT!! :]
    That dress is totally adorable.
    And yay for converse!

  2. Early morning thrifting is so much fun!

    I love this shirt dress, it looks beautiful on you.

  3. That dress is so cute over the skinnies! I love it!

  4. Hi! Just found your are so cute! Love your outfits!! I can't believe you've never seen Once before...isn't that movie amazing? I made my friends all watch it and they can't believe they never seen it either!