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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ugh the Rain!!!

I'm totally sick of it! I was wearing such a cute outfit yesterday and was so disappointed that I didn't get a single good shot of it. The weather is this yucky drizzle rain that soaks into you and is gross and chilly. This rain pattern is expected to be here until Wednesday, so I'm a little bummed out.


On a lighter note, I did get the chance to peruse the Liberty of London stuff at Target and I am beyond in love with their dresses. I may have to go back and actually buy one of them. They are very well made and if I wanted to, I could buy a notebook to match my dress! The Liberty of London stuff is everywhere! Since I'm on a budget I ended up buying a cute little journal set, since I write down my food intake to keep me on track with healthy eating.


So this is the new blue skirt, that I couldn't wait to wear! It's the perfect amount of shine for a cloudy day and the sounds the taffeta makes as I walk is pretty humorous. It's very swish swish sounding. I am going to have so much fun pairing this skirt with all kinds of colors. I'm already thinking pinks would be good and maybe a splash of green. The possibilities are endless!





T-shirt, Forever21, ($10) Cardigan, Old Navy (Gift) Skirt, UO ($10) Tights, Kmart ($6) Flats, Target ($5)

Oh and the photo credits go to my sis Molly again. I'm glad I'm able to hangout with her 2 days a week while on my lunch break. She's a great picture taker!


  1. I'm loving the blue and yellow together! And I agree with you, sick of the rain! Bleh!

  2. These brights are so inspiring, and that color blue looks gorgeous on you!
    The rain was certainly annoying, wasn't it? I think your shots turned out great, though...

  3. cute! I just love yellow and blue together!

  4. Love your outfit!

    Yeah, I haven't gotten the package yet- but our postal service is awful here! My hubby's going to check with our apartment office tomorrow- I can't wait to get it :)


  5. very bright and colourful :)x

  6. Oh, I love the plaid tights with the striped shirt! You are always so good w. mixing patterns!

  7. Great tights...and they were a bargain too!