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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ahoy Tuesday!!!

Ok, there is nothing pirate about my outfit, but I am just so happy to see Tuesday on the horizon. Not only is it Taco Tuesday (hangout with friends at fave Mexican place) but it's also my half day!! I use these days to meander around the mall for about an hour and relish in the fact that I don't have to go back to work after lunch!


Oh and I will also this free time to clean up some of my thrifted treasures. Some of them are a little yucky with dust and grime, but they are such awesome finds I don't mind the little bit of elbow grease to clean them up.


Or I may even go to the craftstore! I am delving into crochet and need a hook for my granny square attempts. There will be many attempts, but I am praying I don't give up and throw it away. I did that with knitting:( I've been looking for colorful and bright crocheted blankets, and decided, "why not just make my own?" It may help me keep busy for the next year and out of stores...hehehehe...yeah right!


Well, I sincerely hope that your Tuesday is a happy one! I certainly hope mine attains all it's suppose to be. We all know how our expectations can be a little out of reach, but today I'm optimistic!


Cardigan, thrifted ($3) Skirt, thrifted ($4) Green Tank, Forever21 ($2.50) Heeled Oxfords, Dillards, ($26)


  1. You look gorgeous! Love the color of your skirt - and your hair up is darling!

  2. cute cardigan! its so chanel-esque!

  3. Great thrift find with that classic cardigan. On a side note, Taco Tuesday is a highlight of the week for me too :)
    My Life in Style

  4. I love the neutral colors! I hope that your taco Tuesday was delicious!

  5. now I'm craving tacos.. after I just had a pancake. thanks :P You remind me of Better from the Archie comics with your hair up like that.. obviously a brunette version, and you're not Ronnie cuz let's be honest she was a yatch, and you're sweet personified. I was always coveting their fun big pony tails with heaps of body.. ha god I weird myself out sometimes!

    Btw, if you have a certain style or idea in mind, I would love to make you a custom piece for your anniversary!