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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is Really Here!!!

I am totally thrilled that it finally started feeling awesome outside!!! I couldn't believe it, but last night I actually sat outside on the patio of a bar until 11pm without getting cold. Oh and since this blog is also a lifestyle blog I want to tell everyone what I ended up doing last night. I went to a screening that was being presented by the Sierra Club about the acidification of the ocean and it was really eye opening. Basically the CO2 we produced that also causes holes in the ozone, needs somewhere else to go. Into the ocean and scientist have started to find that this PH change in sea water is dissolving the shells from shell fish at an alarming rate. The craziest findings were that if this continues at the same rate as it has been, the coral reefs in the world will be obsolete by 2100! I know this sounds like boring science crap, but small changes like this really impact the entire world and it's so sad. If you want more information click HERE to go to a link with more writings and also a link to the movie (it's only 20 minutes).

Ok, now that I am off my soap box let me talk to you guys about my outfit. If you may notice, I am totally not wearing tights with my look. I feel a bit naked and I almost feel like I use tights for my security blanket. I'm a little self conscious about my pale legs when people make comments about how I need to go tanning and yadayadayada.... It can be annoying at times.


Anywho, I was also excited to break out the white skirt! It really started to make me feel springish and warm. I love this thing so much and I'm glad I found it in the vintage section for only a dollar! It's all pleated and cute and never wrinkles because of that magical polyester fabric.


And top it all off, the black and white was a little boring, so I wanted to brighten everything up with my favorite mint green belt (vintage of course) and these awesome leopard print heels that my friend 'D' made me buy. She really had to twist my arm with these babies. I found these brand new Aldo just sitting all on their lo some at the local Salvation Army on half off day! Well I threw those in my basket in 2 seconds flat.





Oh and it's it sad that the grass in these pictures is as brown as a desert! Hopefully everything will green up by the end up the month.

Blouse, JCPenney ($10) Skirt, Thrifted ($1) Aldo heels, Thrifted ($6) Green belt, Thrifted ($3) Gold Bangle, Loemahns ($12)


  1. That pleated skirt is perfect for a nice Spring day! Your little doggie is so cute too! He(?) matches your blouse!

  2. i thought my eyes were fooling me when you said the grass wasn't green because i could've sworn the first photo was green. turns out I'm not crazy just out of it today ;)

    aaaaand pretty sure this is my favorite outfit you've worn since i started stalking you. love!

  3. Eeek love this outfit!!! Those shoes really pull the whole look together!

  4. oh hey Merl, your not crazy. the first couple of photos were in front of someone's yard that gets it manicured. Everybody else's is a crappy shade of brown. hehe

  5. Beautiful outfit! Those shoes and belt pull it all together so perfectly!

    Hope you are having a great week, sweetie!


  6. Those beautiful Aldo heels at only $6! That is an insanely good buy!

    Love your spring outfit!

  7. You look so pretty.. and totally ready for spring! Love this!

  8. o my god i've been wanting that skirt!
    here's proof
    you're so lucky!

  9. love your outfit, and your DOG! so cute!