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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lovin' The Green

I am not one for enjoying a St. Patty's day during the work week, but whatever. I'm sure I'll be out with friends until midnight, so I'll just have to forget the fact that I need to be at work 8 am Thursday morning! Green beer, shiny green beads, and friends is always reason to celebrate!


So this outfit came about totally by accident. I was struggling to come up with something since I thought I had no green clothes but then remembered I had snagged a cute green skirt from a clothing swap last month. If you all haven't experienced the fun of a clothing swap I suggest you try to find one or organize your own! Honestly, they can be hit or miss, but I always find something, and it's free!!


So you already know my plans for the evening will include 1 green beer (nothing more; nothing less) but Zach and I are also heading out to our favorite movie theater to watch some shorts from some of the Oscar nominated movies. It's just something fun to do, and I'm glad we actually have plans.


Oh and I do have to admit that I partook in a little bit of corn beef, but only by accident. I was chomping on some cabbage without even realizing that it had a distinct meat flavor. Hmmm...maybe because it was cooked with the corn beef, duh. Oh well.


Yellow tee, Thrifted ($1) Green Skirt, Swapped (free) Ralph Lauren Belt, Thrifted ($4) Wedges, Thirfted ($6) Scarf, Walmart ($5)


  1. I'm so inspired by all the green going round fashion blogs, i love the little lace peeking out under the skirt!

  2. ahh, how perfect is that green skirt for today!! too cute, and the scarf is a nice touch.

  3. very cute! I love that skirt! and you have a great hair color... is it natural? If so you are one lucky gal!

    Also thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and about my photography! following you... um, now!


  4. Oh, a St. Patrick's Day outfit that doesn't make my eyes bleed! (That's a compliment, by the way!) Haha, so how was your green beer?! On the way home from the Norva last night we drove by a pub and it was PACKED! Holy cow!

  5. that skirt looks divine on you... you look like a fresh young irish lass! Seriously with your beautiful peaches and green complexion, and the rich dark hair.. ok Merl, take it down a notch. But seriously ;)

  6. such a cute skirt! love these pics with ur pup! so adorable!

  7. love this green/yellow combo. and the scarf. very nice work!

  8. Love the skirt! The little lace underneath is darling!