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Monday, August 17, 2009

Crazy Tales from Ebay

Do you ever get so excited to see something name brand that you don't really take a close look at it? That was the case with this dress. I was wandering around Ebay looking for an Anthropologie dress for Easter. Well this print caught my eye immediately and I got so excited that I "Bought It Now!" for a mere $10.00! I get it in the mail and discover it's really a Mossimo Supply dress from Target! Was I just had by some mean ebayer?

No. If I had looked closely enough at the description I would've read, "Like an Anthropologie dress." Lucky for me the dress was just as pretty as it was in the picture and it fit like a dream.

Red cardigan, Target ($4) Dress, Ebay ($10) Belt, thrifted ($2) White heels, Charlotte Russe ($10)

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