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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My New Favorite Combo

Have you ever come across a color combo that you just go gaga over? I am already in love with the color mustard, but I've come to absolutely adore navy and mustard. So this outfit is incredibly matchy matchy, but I love it! The skirt is one of my fave finds from a trip to the thriftstore about 2 months ago and I kind of built the outfit around it. Oh and I'm so glad that open toed shoes with tights are no longer taboo, because I love wearing my summer shoes in the winter. But the opened toed shoes make me so excited for warmer weather and I know I am not the only one! I say we all get together and picket against this season of winter and demand more sunshine, longer days, and warm weather. For all the gals who are living it up in the southwest and Florida, I guess you can disregard the message but your support is appreciated:) Ok, I'm being silly, but I am just over it!!






T-shirt, Forever21 ($10) Skirt, Thrifted ($5) Navy Tights, Riteaid ($7) Heels, Thrifted ($4)


  1. cute color combo!! i love it. it looks great on you.

  2. Such a beautiful skirt and colors in this outfit. And you're right, I'm over winter, too!


  3. Oh I love it so much!!! Mustard yellow is my favorite color, it goes with everything!

    I love this skirt so much and am so jealous.

  4. Mustard and navy is DIVINE. That skirt is just adorable on you.

    And winter can suck it. :)

  5. you look SO CUTE. i'm a big fan of mustard too and nautical pieces like your skirt, and i must say, you styled them up perfectly! i'm with you on the summer shoe thing too. winter sucked before that was allowed. :)

  6. navy and mustard yellow are one of my favorites too<3! that striped top is so lovely! i've been searching for one since you know how obsessed i am over stripes and anything-nautical-esque! ahh! even your shoes go with the mustard-navy combo! love it!

  7. Yes!! Mustard/Chartreuse is my very favorite color! Love it!

  8. look at those stems! you're legs look a mile long long with those navy tights! (not that your legs are stumpy.. just go with it! ;) ) I've been wearing my rainbow t strap heels constantly, because I refuse to wait til spring. I'm with you on the picketing.. too bad mother nature is so finicky..

  9. I love the skirt.. and the mustard color top goes perfect! I've been looking for nail polish that exact color lately... must be spring fever!

  10. Navy + mustard = my faaaaavorite! Love this look. I want your skirt...and shoes!