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Friday, February 19, 2010

Out with the Old In With the New

Yesterday I decided to wear my new ankle boots and boy are they comfy! Steve Madden did it again! I swear I can wear any of his shoes without a problem. They really are a statement piece though. They have huge flowers on the side of them, so they're hard not to notice. I went to the drugstore in this getup to pick up some orange juice and a lady stopped her car and scream out the window, "I love your boots!!" I was so flattered and then told her to head over to Dillards for their crazy sale.

So the photos of my outfit were taken by my sister, the budding photographer. Some are a little blurry but she's still learning about the functions of her camera.





Grey T-shirt, H&M ($6) Vest, Macy's (gift) Red Skirt, Thrifted ($4) Steve Madden Boots, Dillards ($35) Owl Ring, Forever21 ($5)


  1. I love this look!! It actually gave me inspiration on how to wear a red skirt I just recently got.

    Also, I have the ring too from F21 and I love it!

  2. amazing look
    your blog is great!

  3. loove the bright red color of the skirt!

  4. oh dear, your ring is just about the cutest thing!! aw... i don't know, your puppy is really cute too.

  5. Lovely outfit. I love your boots, too. They're hot. And they match well with your cute doggy, too. =)

  6. Tell her the photos look great! And your ring is the cutest thing ever!!! You look like a model in these pictures, Emily!

  7. i have a different owl ring from f21 that has vanished somehow in my car. might be a sign i wear to many rings huh? LOOOVE the booties!

  8. cutest dog walking outfit EVER! I love the red skirt.

  9. cute! I love owls, and that vest is adorable

  10. That vest is soooo cute! I am in love with anything with zippers on it.