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Monday, February 22, 2010

This Should Be Fun!

As it is the time of Lent I've decided that not only will I be keeping up with my vegetarian lifestyle but Zach and I will also have a TV and computer free evening every Wednesday. It will definitely take some getting use to, but I figured it would be a great opportunity to enjoy togetherness while also partaking in some creativity. I've been kinda slack on my crafting endeavors and really need to buckle down. I am also really hoping that this new habit sticks with us after Easter! Our neighbors/friends don't even have a TV and it seems that they just have more fun like that. It's interesting to think about.

Here is what I wore on Monday and boy did I get some looks from the co-workers! I toned down the craziness of the tights with a dress that is business appropriate but cute. I totally took this look from Jessica of What I Wore. She loves her wrap dresses and colorful tights so when I found this baby I immediately thought of her and how she always pairs them so wonderfully with her tights.




Oh and I thought I'd share my evening with you which involved all of the following!! It was so nice to relax with my favorite TV show and bask in the glory that is ColdStone :)



  1. Holy awesome color combo batman! I really like that you embraced the brightness of this outfit. So cheery!

  2. you are going to end up looking forward to your now tv/computer times. we dont have TV and i really love it. We get to play games and shane plays his guitar. I do crafts its really a great time. I fully support your wednesday nights!!

  3. for a little over a year now i haven't had cable or watched much t.v. it is one of the greatest things ever. it forces you to be creative almost! ha ha. i love the orange tights!

  4. Woah, you did an AWESOME job with that outfit! Those tights are so cool! Good luck with no tv/computer! We did that for some time, and it was fun to come up with things to do, go on walks, and relax!

  5. I lovee your dress and the tights go perfect! I just got some tights of that color and need to figure out a way to style them! I think Brett and I need to do that too. So many nights we're sitting next to each other on the couch, with the TV on, both of us on our laptops. Haha!

  6. i was just reading some flickr posts from the amazing photographer known as yyellowbird and in them she talks about how she hasn't had a tv for a while. it made me so envious. my life revolves around it! if only i could do something so liberating.

    love the bright colors in this look! the tight work out perfectly.

  7. Wow you're VERY dedicated to giving that up for Lent...very admiral. I need to stick with my lent sacrifice more this year, I was very unsuccessful last year.

  8. Yes, the What I Wore dress! You should totally shoot her an email with the link to this post :) You styled it so well, I absolutely love it!!!