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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ready for A Busy Day?

Ok, so I really should've taken a day off before my trip to NY because now I am scrammbling! I have work till 6, then laundry, then I have to go to my mother in law's house to pick up luggage, drop off my pup at my parents, and then finally pack. At this point I've figured out what I'm wearing, but geeze louize! How will I get all this stuff done before tomorrow! Oh and I'm meeting my husband at our favorite restraurnt Colley Cantina to enjoy some yummy dinner and buy one meal get one meal free! I've been looking forward to this dinner all week. I think we may be eating a late night dinner to say the least.

Ok, so here's my look! I love this skirt that I picked up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago (which closed by the way!) and the boots just kind of fell into place with the whole look.

lace top, thrfited ($2) skirt, thrifted ($2) belt, H&M ($5) boots, ebay ($20) tights, RiteAid ($7)


  1. Oh I love the lace with that floral skirt! How pretty!

  2. Your dog is sooo stinkin' adorable! And those boots are a GREAT ebay find! I'm always too afraid of getting scammed to buy anything off ebay. Ha!

  3. Awesome lace skirt! Love the boots too! Have a blast this weekend and I will see you Wednesday :)